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Advise needed pleeeese!

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a good weekend,
I need your advice! will give a quick bit of info first!
I lost 60lb Ssing but decided to move up to 790 nearly 4 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks (i get weighted fortnightly) i lost 8lb which i was really pleased about but this last fortnight i've only lost about 2 lb (not official til tues) but my scales have hardly budged :confused: I really thought i'd loose quite alot this fortnight as i've started using the gym at work and jogging 3 times a week, do you think my body is holding on to the 790 cals or do you think its related to the gym? I'm not sure what to do really as i'm still 2st away from target, should i Ss again and stop gym or carry on with what i'm doing as it might be just a blip, any advise would be great, sorry for long post :sigh:
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Fair-haired pixie
Lovely hazel, I just want to say how amazing your weight loss so far is. Exercise can make you retain water, as your muscles use it for repair etc. I'd doubt it was the calories, especially as your losses were high before. I'd keep going with the gym, the weight your body holds onto is pretty much fixed - you wont keep putting on because of it, but rather always have X grams water extra, which you would lose if you stopped exercising. So relative weightlosses after this week should be the same

Hope this helps,
Lots of love
Ida xx
Hi idaj, Thank you, you have done really well, so close to goal too, you lucky thing! You've helped a lot thank you, i think i'll keep going with the gym and see how it goes, think i'm probably just a bit disheartened this week it doesn't seem fair lol thanks again xx

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Do your CDC's scales have body fat % on them? If not stand on the ones at the gym. Although you will have a slightly lower weight loss (in addition to the water retention) you will see your BF% coming down quicker than if you were not doing excercise.

Good luck
CDC Swindon

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