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Advise needed re: Cd & WW


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Hi Guys & Gals,

I've posted this in WW section too but wanted to get peoples advise from WW & CD
Can anyone help me decide?!
I changed over from Cambridge diet two weeks ago (tomorrow), I'm doing WW online so far i've stayed exactly same weight, I'm pleased with this (kindof!) as i thought maybe i'd gain a lb or 2 to eating again. I'm really enjoying the whole plan and it's great having the freedom to eat a normal healthy diet. The trouble is i still want to loose 7/10lbs and everyone keeps telling me i'm fine the way i am but i've not reached my goal which is really important to me.
We want to start trying for a baby again which is why i'm doing WW (My husband doesn't think i should be on cambridge while trying)
Do you think the weight will start comming off again? Should i lower my points? or maybe i should start Cambridge again till i'm at goal then start eating healthy?
Sorry everyone for such a long post, i guess i'm just a bit confused as getting to my target means so much to me. Thanks for listening :confused:
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Hi Hazel
Have you thought of doing a higher step on CD, maybe the 1500 Kcal you will still lose but be eating healthy foods too. You can then deicde to eith maintain with your CDC or go back to WW - keep signed up so you can follow as a gold member and maintain if that's what you want to do.
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Hi Hazel

I would say that staying the same for the first few weeks after Cambridge is pretty good going. When working up the plans on Cambridge they reintroduce carbs gradually so that the increase in glycogen is offset again your losses. With switching directly to WW you will have reintroduced carbs at a quicker rate and therefore it would have been understandable had you gained a few as your glycogen refilled To have stayed the same is a great achievement and I am sure that if yoiu stick at it, the weight will begin to go downwards.



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I am assuming that you are eating carbs again - in this case wouldnt you have put a bit of glycogen weight on? In that case, as you have not gained, that is a bonuS!

Lil K

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Hi Hazel

I'm in a similar situation to yourself. I've dropped 4 stone on CD and decided to finish off the last 7lbs with WW (started last Monday) making the switch from CD 810.

I have been having the correct amount of points for weightloss, but have had a small gain of 2lbs. I'm not worried about this at all, I expected a gain because I did not go through the CD maintenance plans and therefore expected some refilling of glycogen stores.

So I will continue with WW and expect my weight to eventually turn around and for the losses to commence again (although not at the rate of CD!).

You've done well to stay at the same weight. Good luck with whatever path you chose for your last bit of weight loss xx


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Thanks everyone, you always make me feel so much better, i am pleased i stayed the same but secretly i hoped for a loss :) (i always want my cake and to eat it lol)
I'm going to stay with ww and see how it goes for the next month, I guess i'm just having Cambridge withdraw syptoms lol i miss the diet so much (the weightloss and the structure) and its been a big wonderful part of my life for the last 7 months. I'll keep you informed on how i'm getting on ;)


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I think that's the best decision hun, having done the "switch" myself previously. It's just your body catching up with the changes, and with being so close to goal and trying to conceive, then food is probably the best option rather than CD SSing. After all, you will have to eat eventually and now that you've "broken away" as it were from CD the hardest part of WW is behind you. Well done on the weight loss so far, enjoy eating with WW and most importantly - have fun trying for a baby xxx

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