Aeroplane Seatbelts...


Well done! What a good feeling! I flew earlier this year for the first time ever and I was petrified of the belt! It just about did up on the way out (with a huge struggle) but there was plenty of room on the way back! It's a worrying thing and such a good feeling not to have to get an extension! x


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Really made me smile, so chuffed for you.


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Well done you!!!!! :)

xxx Lostris


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It really made me feel better, I sts this week, so that more than makes up for it!


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100% with you on this one! I always had a great holiday then had to face the extension belt - and asking for it - on the way home!! Not any more!! Both when I flew to Cornwall in July and again on my recent Florida trip, the seat belt has done up and been quite loose on me!

That really is an amazing feeling!! Well done you!


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When I flew to England 10 days ago the seat belt fitted fine. When I returned to Portugal on Friday I had a real struggle to do the belt up. Oops! I thought I must have overdone it living it up in England and put on loads of weight. When I got on the scales I had put on exactly 4 oz. Obviously not all seat belts are the same length. lol