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Afghanistan weight loss diary - C25K WK1,2,3,4+5 - Complete!


My husband = My hero
Hi everyone,

I am currently on week 2 of Cd having lost 13lb in my
first week!

Put 5 stone on whilst pregnant last year takin me from 15stone to a whopping 20stone!

My husband will be in Afghanistan over the next 6 and a half months so this is the perfect opportunity for me to change my life and also hopefuly speed the time he is away up!!

I have lost almost 1 stone and have 7 to go...

I'm afraid my diary may be a bit up and down especially with the stress of war stuff going on but hopefully I will be strong enough to carry on for my beautiful daughter!

Look forward to speaking to u all and hopgully sharing my sucess!

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your daughter is gorg!!!!


My husband = My hero
Thanks Hun she tires me out haha but she's my world x
you are amazing doing this while hubby is away.. and what a perfect present to give to him when he gets back!!!!

keep going. 13lbs in a week is FAB!! i think ive done about 8lbs in my first week... i have offical weigh in tonight... eeekkkkkk


My husband = My hero
Thanks so much Hun

if I don't do something like this I think il go crazy with worry so hoping it keeps me going and the time will fly going from weigh in to weigh in!

I had 10 days before my first weigh in so an extra 3 bit of a cheat really!!

Well done on your losses chick your doin great!! Xx


My husband = My hero
Ooh and good luck for tonight!!! Xx


My husband = My hero
Thanks Hun same to u ur doin fantastically!!


My husband = My hero
Well haVnt posted on this for a while,

Had a few meals put with hubbies army bosses etc and we had our last supper week where engage mr a menu of everythin he wanted before he went to war!

He went last week so have just finished week 1 again!

Moved back home to my parents with Alyssia, so meet my new CDC next monday!

Time is flying thank god think it's because iv got the diet to focus on, plus being around family is helping!

Can't wait to see hubbies face when he comes home to a new wife in 6 months!!

Hole your all doing ok!



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oooh so exciting... good luck with it all!! just focus on his face!! and what its going to look like seeing you when he gets back!


My husband = My hero
That's what's Keepin me Goin hun!!

Don't want to be the fattest wife there!! Xx

Ok so today..

Well went to Rhos on sea and Llandudno in Wales with my grandad and the baby, he's been desperate to take me to this little cafe that he loves called fortes!

Told him before we went that I was on my diet nil by mouth blah blah and off we went!!

The weather was lovely and we walked up and down the prom in Rhos and then came the moment I'd been dreading - cafe time!

My granda has been raving about how wonderful the food is for weeks so when I ordered my water and slunk to our table it nearly killed me!!!

The baby had ham sandwiches and a milky bar my grandad had his favour egg cress lol and I hand on heart had my water (and a sulk)!!

Went into Llandudno and finished the babies Christmas shopping and got a postcard to send to my wonderful husband out in Afghanistan to tell him what me and his beautiful girl had been ul to during the day!

All in all the most wonderful day with lovely family, lovely sandwiches which were side stepped and lovely memories to tell Alyssias gorgeous daddy!!

Hope u all had as good a day as me and if not.... There's always tomorrow

good luck Lauren, im not doing CD but saw your title so thought id pop in and have a look, my hubby is due out in feb, trying to get off what i can now then shed much more once he has gone.. Anyway i wont jabber on too much, like i said just wanted to wish you good luck, and its nice to see other Army wives about x


My husband = My hero
Ahh it's lovely to hear from another wife!!

Thanks for posting it's nice to know were all in the sane boat!!

Iv got 6 months to transform my self for homecoming - Hubby said it will feel like he's having an affair lol

Hope feb doesn't come round too quickly for u - good luck with the tour - I'm always here for a chat on the hard days!

Aw and Hubby won't recognise u either when he gets back! It's so exciting haha xxx


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well done on risisting that food. i couldnt have done that... well done!!
bet you feel quite proud of yourself for doing it too... im also faced with a similar situation (going out for the day with a friend) so lets see how good i can be !! :)


My husband = My hero
Ooh how did u get on hun??

I had that yesterday went out with my best friend - we've always been the same size - going out for secret tea's together to the chippy etc so no surprise we are over weight..

Although I love her to pieces she's the sort of friend that always days stuff like "oh don't get skinny without me" and "it will all go back on" etc..so yesterday was bound to e a hard day!

Old habits die hard!

As soon as she arrived she told me she had vouchers for 2-4-1 Indian! And did I fancy going?

For about 6 hours I resisted and when she finally went I felt amazing!

So good I thought inshould treat myself... And how have I always treated myself? Oh that's right... With food!

So I ran upstairs to the bathroom locked myself in and had a lovely long bath followed by an early night! Phew!!!!

Woke up this morning ecstatic and desperate for my weigh in tomorrow!!

No news from hubby which is making me anxious as it's been a week since he called but know he will ring as soon as he can!!

The anxiety of him being away would normally turn mr to food as well so this is proof that I don't need to eat as I'm doing ok without reaching for the biscuits!!

Had a chic orange shake this morning - iv completely gone off them now so looks like il be having Choc mint, banana, chocolate and strawberry from now on!!

Il be running out of flavours at this rate!!



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sorry i was meant to say its on sat.. we are goign to try my dress on, and then go out into oxford for some shopping...:)

i hope you hear from your hubby soon! i wouldnt know what i would do with myself to be honest, and i admire you for your strength! :)

good idea about locking yourself into the bathroom. i think im ging to do that tonight.. my hubby is away tonight, and im home... im going to do some cleaning. and then take some time for me.. paint the nails, creams, relaxation... and maybe a movie... :)
hope your weekend isnt filled with too much temptation for you...

i can only have the choc orange one and also the mint ones hot... i dont really like them cold.. but would drink them if i had to.. :)
I find your story so inspiring and it has got me to write my own! Your doing so well, I hope I do 2! This is my fourth day and I'm actually enjoying it and keep visualising the end! X


My husband = My hero
Irene its always lovely to hear from you, youre so supportive thankyou xxxx

Kes, read about your dress hun im absolutely over the moon for u! bet that was a good feeling when it did up!

you will look absolutely stunning on the big day, hope you feel a million dollars you certainly deserve it after working so hard!

my wedding day was a blur, try your absolute best to remember every little thing as it goes so so quick!!

Had my weigh in today with new CDC...

shes absolutel lovely and really thorough, loads better than the waste of space i saw down in Windsor!!

So iv lost 5lbs! Im now 18stone 7lb, 21lbs lost in 3 weigh ins - im absolutely ecstatic and so so motivated!

for the first time i dont feel like eating and sabotaging myself 100% Focused now!

after saw CDC went to Wrexham to visit my sister in law as it was my neice's 4th birthday party...

Hubby rang on the way so had to pull over super quick!

was wonderful to speak to him and he was so so so proud of me for loosing so much weight! he sounded in really good spirits and has ben getting mine and lissys letters which have been cheering him up!

Couldnt be in a better mood today if i tried, feel like iv finally cracked this diet, and to hear from my wonderful husband couldnt of asked for more!!

bring on the next 25 weigh ins before he comes home!!

going to go swimming tomorrow and see how i get on!

used to swim for liverpool and swim 100 lenghts in 60 minutes so hoping if ic an do 60 lenghts in an hour im doing well!!

if not... iv got a goal!!

hope my good mood rubs off on you all i feel giddy haha



My husband = My hero
I find your story so inspiring and it has got me to write my own! Your doing so well, I hope I do 2! This is my fourth day and I'm actually enjoying it and keep visualising the end! X

Hiya sweet - we will soon be hot mommas haha

made up your doing so well and cant wait to read your diary!!

thankyou for reading what iv been up to! its nice to share!! xxx

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