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After 1 week of RTM - getting hungry


LighterLife Returner
Hi All,

I have done 1 week of RTM, and I am finding that I am getting hungry over the last 2 days (days 6 and 7)...

I'm no longer in ketosis, and am getting physically hungry at some points during the day and I have to have an extra food pack or two to see me through...

Hunger symptoms include: feintness; lethargy; tiredness... I'm pretty sure (after 30 weeks on abstinance) that is isn't psycological or emotional hunger...

I do excercise (2mile jog) 3 times a week... maybe that is making my calorie needs slightly higher?

Has anybody else had to top up their first few weeks of RTM food intake?

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LighterLife Returner
Hi All,

Now I'm on Week 3 of RTM, It's starting to balance out now - I'm getting enough calories (and ever so slightly up'd my portions) in the day to stop me feeling slightly feint (or grumpy - another symptom of hunger I wasn't aware of before! Interesting...) but am still losing weight (1 or 2 lbs per week - that was part of my plan and goal).

Looking forward to introducing new foods as the week's progress :) and finding the right balance of calorie intake to maintain my weight.


Mr. Mini Me.

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