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After 16 weeks people don't recognise me


Making it all add up
Now, I know I've lost a lot of weight very quickly (7 stone in 16 weeks), and I appreciate that has had a profound effect on the way I look, but this is really getting daft.

Over the past 2 days I've been to 2 big work & networking events. At both of these I've struggled to be recognised by people I know quite well. Yesterday a number of business contacts that I've known for years didn't come over to say hello to me, and it wasn't until I introduced myself that they knew who I was!!!

But what's even more interesting is that twice, some of my business partners (yes, people I see every couple of days/weeks), walked straight past me in the street not having recognised me!!!

Again this morning the same thing happened at a networking event - still it has given me a brilliant way to start conversations with people. LOL

Whilst I can understand people who haven't seen me since losing the weight being taken by surprise, I can only assume that the last 2 weeks' losses have all be from around my head/face, otherwise the people I work with should know better.

Now, I'm not complaining, in fact I've really enjoyed the attention (apart from one fool who wondered if I was ill), just surprised as I'm still me, to me!
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Your face has changed a lot Sean, as has the rest of you! (for the better, obviously!) and I guess that even people you see every day will probably take some time to get adjusted to it.

I know for a fact that the "stored image" I have of a lot of people isn't 100% accurate, and if they are 'remembering' you how you were before then they might well walk right past you!

Just take it as a compliment I'd say :D
the same has happened to me today at a big department meeting
and my boss ignored me in the kitchen at work the other day too
great isn't it!
daisy x


Making it all add up
Awesome Daisy, if a little disconcerting at first lol

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