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After weigh in with a big group


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Our consultant has recently increased the numbers in group which means far less time after weigh in and individual losses and gains announced. This week our image therapy consisited of her asking us how much 28 gms of cereal looks like. That was it Nothing else. Last week she told us how much you could eat instead of pie and chips. Again that was it. A) I weigh my cereal and B) I don't eat pie and chips. Is this normal image therapy in a big group. I am getting so disillusioned with the lack of support. She congratulated a young girl this week for losing 6 lbs . . she had been ill with D & V !!
What support should I be expecting now there over 20 of us ?
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we have a big group and have great disscusions i love it but i have been in larger groups and time they have got round to finding out how much everyone has lost the class is over so boring so guess it depends on yours cons.

hope it improves for u hun


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I am now in a big group which has swallowed up a much smaller group (long story :D) but have to say it does get quite boring listening to everyone talking about their week :eek: I know I shouldn't be bored and some of it can help, but I cant help it it takes ages.

I have noticed in the past couple of weeks though that numbers have dropped I dont know if its the long meeting or if its just the new year starters giving up :D

I would efinitely expect more than what you seem to be getting though even when we have taster nights we get more than that :eek:


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My consultant seems to got this all down to a fine art. The classes are so big she split them into two meetings, she has a strict cut off time for weighing, giving image therapy an hour. I always go home feeling I have learned something. We had a taster evening this week, which we ate while we talked. I think the fact she is so organised helps a lot, also realising that she needed to split the class, made a big difference. She still runs both classes but each one has dedicated time given. Every class is different I guess, and it is most likely down to the consultant how its run. Perhaps you need to look for a smaller class?
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My groups really big too but my consultant is really good, class does run over sometimes and we just switched over to using cards instead of the books so thats taking up a bit of time sorting all that out but we still have at least half an hour image therapy every week, maybe you should speak to your consultant after class if u need some extra help-thats what their there for xx
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I prefer a smaller group. I tried a large one but found it way too impersonal. In my current group about 15 stay after WI, which I find is about right. People get to know each other and there is plenty of healthy discussion and support to each other.

At the large group I went to , it felt like you were lost in a crowd. I attend a day time group which I expect will always be smaller than evening groups.
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hello, brightonrosie, im from just outside brighton, and go to a class in lancing, the lady is lovely and the class is vey popular, lots more than 20, our class starts at 9 ish until 11, and she makes sure everone is seen and is happy, x
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Our class has a lot of members. But our C doesn't do the whole image therapy thing. She does the awards & then we chat about alsorts of things & I do benefit from this.

If class was just a case of listening to how much everyone had lost/gained it would be boring.

I can only hope things get better for you, do you think you could mention to your C how you feel?
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Found this post really interesting.
I've been going for 6 weeks and until this week, the only thing discussed has been individual losses/gains; what you are going to continue doing/do differently for the entire class - I thought that was Image therapy???
We have a large class - guess around 40.
I look forward to reading more about what others have!!!
Found this post really interesting.
I've been going for 6 weeks and until this week, the only thing discussed has been individual losses/gains; what you are going to continue doing/do differently for the entire class - I thought that was Image therapy???
We have a large class - guess around 40.
I look forward to reading more about what others have!!!
That is Image Therapy hun :D
She needs the WI to go a bit quicker or she needs to start weighing earlier hun. Our group has recently grown and I have to whizz through the weighing with no time for chat in between people. We start WI at 5.30 and IT starts at 6 or a minute or two afterwards and goes on until 6.45 to 7pm.

If anyone turns up after 6pm they don't get weighed until the end of the group, this way we all get proper IT (which is what we pay for after all)

We get about 25-30 people staying to group at least.

How long is spent on the WI Rosie?
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my group is purely just going round asking what people lost / gained and what they anticipate for the following week. The support I get is just random conversations with people whilst others are getting weighed.

I often don't stay as it is really boring going round 20 odd people clapping everyone twice!
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Obviously it all varies according to each consultant's technique!

I used to attend a really big class and the C's way of handling it was to ask people who were happy with their result to raise their hand and then have a brief chat with them about why/what they did etc., so they could give ideas to others in the group. Then she'd move onto those who weren't happy and again, select a few people to discuss. That meant those who didn't want to talk about their week still benefitted from the group discussions without needing to participate, and allowed those who wanted to speak about their week the opportunity to do so.
Then she moved on to the other part of the class, which was the 'motivation' section really, and was a talk about ideas, recipes, setting a challenge...and was always really useful.

I have to say, I was sorry to leave that class as I found it the most helpful and informative of all the classes I've ever attended. The consultant had clearly thought about the content and structure of her classes and it obviously worked well as she had high attendance every week!
Consultants really don't have much control over how many members turn up to a class. There are always more members in the first few months of the year - those resolutions! Also, if the consultant has done a leaflet drop, or advertised in the local press. Sometimes a consultant can be taken completely by surprise at how many people walk through that door!Also, they don't really know how many people will KEEP coming - there is always a dropout rate.For a consultant to consider splitting a class, she has to be sure that it will continue to be worth while. There will be extra costs in hiring the venue (and it may not be possible to hire it for a longer period - good venues are very much in demand). She will have to get permission from SW HQ to hold an extra class, too.Give things a bit of time to settle down - I'm sure it will work out OK.

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