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again... WHY WHY WHY!

Went shopping with OH and babies today.. Well i was fine but forgot to take my shake with me :sigh: Anyway, i have been craving a chicken salad all week, and today it got the best of me. I ended up having a chicken n bacon salad [ well carrot, sweetcorn n lettuce *cant spell*] And i ate it like i havent ate before! It was soo good though. But the "happiness" was short lived and now i feel like a fat cow. Why have i done this!! Im so mad with myself and feel like i have let myself down. Im still in ketosis i think, as my breath is still smelly :confused:

I havent put no lb's on thank god. helppp! :cry::break_diet: im back on now, but i have a planned day off for mothers day, does anyone else!!?!

Do you have to stick to it 100% from start to finish to get to goal, or do you think i will do it if i dont cheat again? :break_diet::wave_cry:
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It's really hard to say, everyone is different. When I did CD the first time, we had to have an 810 week every 5th week, so it never seemed like I was having to go too long. And I was lucky that the 5th week seemed to coincide with events in my life.

I have discovered this time round that it's not worth cheating (to me anyway). Everytime I have I beat myself up and made myself feel so crap, not to mention the weight I put on. To me it's just an extra couple of lbs that I don't want to have to fight to lose, so I'm a 100% girl.
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If you stick to it 100% you will get to goal sooner than if you do eat -- though to be honest as you ate a salad you've not done as badly as if you'd had a blowout. As to whether you can keep going if you do keep eating well that's an individual thing -- I know that I can't (wish I could), I'm one of these people that if I have a bad day then I'll have a bad weekend, to be followed by week and month.

I have once managed to have a chicken salad & water while I was out and then completely stay on track but that's the only time - usually if I've eaten then I've just carried on.

Hopefully you will stay in ketosis and you shouldn't have any problems :)
thanks =] I havent had anything else today, and im still in ketosis. Im competely back to it 100% :eek: im only human at the end of the day, but im over it. lol
don't worry i am sure every one has slip ups it was my oh's birthday on 31st jan and i had chicken salad and a smosa and garlic bread no thats bad i well went over board i told my cdc and she said if i need to eat just do ss+ just on a weekend so i did that this week and i have lost 7lbs but i just eat on sunday last week but now im just sticking to ss till good friday as i have given up food for lent i hope this helps sarah x

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