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Hello Minimins

Well...let's start....
I had my birthday yesterday. I realise that still my waist size is larger than my age. Even worse it's increasing every year!

As I turned 40 I lost all my weight on Cambridge and felt great, but then became ill. 4 years later in bigger than ever.

Life has given us some challenges recently but trying to change and move towards a positive path as I have the most amazing family. I want to now be the best mum and wife I can be and someone I can feel proud of being again. I don't want to hide away anymore. I want to live not just exist.

I decided to do slimming world as its realistic, I can work around the family and I see it as a life change and not just a diet.

Unfortunately there are no group's nearby therefore doing from home. I am also controversialy not going to weigh myself as I get very fixated with this and give up if I can't see change quickly. I just want to assess success in how I feel this time. I give up so quickly on things recently that I even delayed till after January starting anything as I didn' want another failed January diet! I know not weighing is the right thing for me now, although may change as I shrink. I am judging success by jeans! I have a drawer full of jeans in every size from 18 to 10.

I started a week ago and things are going well. My usual size 18 jeans are getting big and I squeezed into a large 16 pair of jeans yesterday!
I know from before I have to lose around two stone to drop a dress size so I will have some idea in how I am doing. (I'm 5 11 tall)
I am enjoying the food. I feel satisfied. I did well yesterday and worked around my birthday meal. I ate less during the day and even asked for the sauce on the side and only put a tiny scrape of it on my chicken!

I'm planning to have a SP day today to further help reduce any impact of birthday meal.

A weekly update on here should also help greatly I think.

If you've read my rambles...Thank you!

Here to a better 2018!
Hi and welcome
Oh dear the jeans. I have all the sizes 10 to 18 too! Slid into a brand new, never worn, pair of 14s this a.m. and they are baggy!! I have to confess here I had a really bad virus over Christmas time, was knocked out for 6 weeks or so. Hey presto massive knock it on the head final weight loss!!!

So looking forward to seeing you shrink too. Am sure you will crack it soon. Bev x :)
Hi and welcome
Oh dear the jeans. I have all the sizes 10 to 18 too! Slid into a brand new, never worn, pair of 14s this a.m. and they are baggy!! I have to confess here I had a really bad virus over Christmas time, was knocked out for 6 weeks or so. Hey presto massive knock it on the head final weight loss!!!

So looking forward to seeing you shrink too. Am sure you will crack it soon. Bev x :)
Thanks for replying. Glad I'm not the only one with a shop full of jeans! I have a large wardrobe full of clothes but wear a handful of tattyold stuff as its the only stuff that fits!
Hi there!

You have to do what is right for you, and if weighing in is something that will cause you undo stress then don't do it. I am in Canada so I do online SW and I get support from here, Facebook and my sisters/cousins on WhatsApp, and it's working!

I have lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks, and this week I am noticing my clothes are feeling a lot more comfortable, I am not pulling and yanking at my tops to make them sit right, my work trousers go up and on without the old lie on the bed and breath in and pray you don't have to pee for the day situation which was where I was at at the beginning of the year.

For me this is all about me being healthy, not skinny, I am never going to be a size 10, and I am OK with that, but for me my aim is a comfortable size 14, where I can go into a 'normal' shop and buy 'normal' clothes.

good luck on your journey!
I love Canada. I lived and work there for a year and my sister has become Canadian after living there for the last 25 or so years.

Wow well done on your weight loss to date. I can sympathise with the struggles of putting on jeans and worried that the zip may bust at an embarrssing time.
I just want to look at my reflection and not feel disgusted and have a photo with me and the kids before they grow up!
As I'm not weighing I've given my husband a new job! He has to do a 'cuddle test' each week. He enjoyed it this morning. Although a bit too much maybe checking if boobs have shrunk ;-)

I can see my chin area is slimmer and my tummy is moving from one huge one that goes from just below my boobs down to one that is 2 huge bulges! My bra straps feels a bit less tight as well.

Thank you for reading my rambles!
This is very difficult but I know the shame will help in the long term, especially as not going to a class. My before photos!! Eek! Excuse the dust on the mirror dug it out of the garage as have been restricting full length mirrors in the house for a while!!


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Well nearly a week. I feel much better in myself. My clothes feel looser. My face is a tiny bit thinner and my bra isn't digging in at the sides as much. I also thought my knicker elastic was going this morning as a favourite pair felt looser (sorry - tmi)
Jeans wise I'm comfortably into a small 18 that a week ago was a no go. I can also fit into a larger 16 pair. Although my size 18 warm coat is bursting at the seams when zipped up.
Next week will be a challenge as have some travel plans. I'm keen to do it and I decided to start slimming world before travelling so I have some restraint whilst away. Still worried about the plane safety belt. Never had to ask for extension but never been this big before!
Well done on the roomy clothes! Looking at your pictures you don't need to be worried about the belt on the plane and the air line staff are normally very discrete about that sort of thing if you do need it, which I am going to bet you don't. Enjoy your travelling
I've just looked at some before and after photos on Instagram. Obviously there is amazing photos of how people have changed physically but what I also notice is their smiles. The smile comes from within and not just that fake smile I am guilty of putting on when someone points the camera at me. I usually try and shift around to a flattering position although in reality there isn't one. Unfortunately you can't hide in a photo when you are 5 11 tall and size 18!

My dream is to take more photos of me with the kids that I can be proud of and not want to delete which is what happens now.
Tmi I'm sorry - but I have the most disgusting wind this afternoon. Like nothing I've ever known. At least I live in the countryside I'll blame a local farm for the farm yard smell. I've read this is common. Hope it improves before my 16 hours of flights on Monday!!
I will do everything I can to avoid being in a photo, I nearly lost the plot a week or so ago when a colleague took one and showed it to me........ugh.

I suffer from IBS so gas is the norm for me but not stinky lol:whistle:
Back home! Fights were lovely (No problems with seat belts!) Food was lovely but not healthy at all. Generally ate ok but dealing with massive jet lag so I've eaten loads.
Back on it today otherwise downwards slope!
Need to plan, plan and plan as uninspired at the moment. Need some exciting recipes to try.
Right...countdown to beach holiday at the end of July. Have not been abroad on a beach holiday since I was much thinner quite a few years ago. Have refused to book anything. I am definately not beach body ready! I am realistic and don't expect to look great in a swimming costume or shorts but I want to feel comfortable in a sundress! In
4 and a half months I would like to be a size 14 (I know size 12 would be a challenge to far for me in this timeframe as I tend to need to lose just under 2 stone to drop a dress size being 5 11) I'm a size 18 at the moment.

Plan then is to lose the rest to become size 12 by Christmas and in 2019 be thin and healthy for my 45 birthday and 20 years since I met my husband.
I've had an idea.

Although not yet weighing myself I decided it may be in my best interest to start soon. Need to sort out scales but I have a plan...

I know generally I need to lose 100lb to be middle of my bmi. That therefore is my target. But I'm breaking it down to 10lbs and getting a treat after each 10lb lost. My list of treats are :
1 new mascara and eyepencil
2 new belt
3 new eyeshadow palette
4 new PJs
5 new outfit
6 nails done
7 new trainers
8 new dressing gown
9 new underwear
10 shopping trip to London

Not big things, but at the moment I don't spend anything on myself as feel its a waste so all these are quite a treat for me!
See I told you the seat belts would not be an issue, and it sounds like you had fun!

Sounds like a plan on the list of treats, we need to treat ourselves, we need to prioritise ourselves sometimes, and your list sounds like a lot of fun and things you can really look forward to.
Great. Ive come down with a cold. It seams I often get Ill a few weeks into a diet. Then give up. Need to work through this and if hungry eat free or speed foods so l stay on plan. It's a journey. Not going to give up if I make one wrong turn this time.