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Ahh poo

Had my interview and got the job :D The only thing is I will now be working weekends and can't go to my class tomorrow (I start at 9am). Few problems;

1) I need to switch classes to the Monday class which is in the evening. I've never been weighed in the evening only first thing in the morning!! :mad:
2) For the past 3-4 weeks I've been having the majority of my syns on a Saturday and Sunday then having little syns through the week (if any) and found this works brilliant for me and I usually get great losses with it.. But if I was going to do that with my new class I would need to make my "Syn-days" a Tuesday, Wednesday thing :sigh:
3) I have to start a brand new class with people I don't know
4) I'm worried it will effect my losses that I have been having.
5) I can't go to the ruby party tomorrow and I've made cupcakes and brownies :cry:

In all.. YAY for a new job but BOO for it mucking up my classes :rolleyes:
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I do a Monday evening weigh in and I don't worry about the effect of using most of my syns at the weekend still. Your first weigh in will be more and you might weigh a few more pounds as it's the evening but after your first week it should all level out.

Well done on your new job though - woohoo!!
Well done on the new job.
Boo about missing the party!
Your weight will even itself out after the first WI. Don'tworry about it being a new class, you'll soon get used to it.
Good luck tomorrow xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
As the others have said Hun. Well done on the new job. Yes, the first weigh in you have at the new class may be heavier, but think your losses wont be effected, you just adapt to the change in time.

I'm sure you'll soon settle in at the new class. Hugs about the party though. The job is more important than all of it, I'm guessing...Congratulations!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Get rid of(or freeze ) the cupcakes and brownies! Car boot?. But any gain will soon even itself out! Congrats on the new job!
Thank you! I hope that I still manage to lose something.
Awww hun, thats super poo. The job i start in a few months the hours are 11am-9pm, which means i might have to switch class too to a morning one, but i love my evening group and i go with a friend too.. not really too sure how im gunna work that one out!!

But, im sure your body will ajust to being weighed in the mornings, and i find having my treat night mid week, is more enjoyable as it gets me through the week! Wednesday are my fave day :) lol

((hugs)) Don't worry about a new group, im sure they wont bite. :) Good luck hunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Awhh thank you Fern, made me feel much better :)

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