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Ahh, what to do...

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by Dolls&Pins, 10 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Dolls&Pins

    Dolls&Pins Full Member

    I have a stupid petty problem and want some advice from you girls(Or guys if there is any here ) :) I have a date next Friday that a friend has set me up on. Anyway it is pretty much a casual 'going for a drink' kind of date. Which means alcohol, I am on slim and save so I can't drink alcohol but I am going to look so boring and strange with a glass of water in my hand. I really don't want my first words to be, Oh I am on a diet and can't drink alcohol so I am on water, I mean how off putting would I seem. I would say oh I don't drink alcohol but normally when I am not dieting I do drink. Plus I have major bad breath from ketosis which comes back after every hour I brush. So even if I do get through till the end of the night without him noticing there will be no hope for a good night kiss (Not that I am that kind of girl anyway ;) Is there any alcoholic drink that will not kill this diet? I will only have one?
    So that is my petty problem any help would be great :)
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  3. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Could you not just have sparkling water and say you're on a/bs? Just a thought-as drinking alcohol whilst in ketosis is dangerous
  4. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    Alcohol won't kill your diet. It's really not advised as being in ketosis metabolises alcohol quite fast in a lot of people, so you might find that one drink and you're under the table. It will slow down your weight loss though - think of a fire, you are currently burning the logs (fat) nice and steady. Throw on some petrol (alcohol) and the fire will switch to burn this first, cause it's an easier process - your logs won't start burning again until all the petrol is gone.

    Questions I would ask - if you had a health condition that would be in serious jepardy if you had an alcoholic drink - would you have that drink? I understand that socially it can seem a bit boring not to drink, but how about giving it a go. If this chap thinks you're boring cause you don't want a drink, would you really want to see him again? You don't have to mention diets or drinking/not drinking, it can be your policy on a first meet never to cloud your judgement with alcohol, cause you never know when Prince Charming may show up and you don't want to be ruining your chances by puking in his shoes.... (and if he doesnt laugh then bin him, nobody wants a miserable prince!).

    And really, what are you thinking? Snogging on a first date?..... I jest ;) Get yourself a teeny tin of breath spray, the Macleans one is mega minty and doesn't affect ketosis one bit. Above all, plan to have a marvellous time, be yourself, be relaxed. You can do the detail of eating plans and all that further down the line if he's a keeper :)
  5. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    Say you're driving?
  6. MamaC

    MamaC Silver Member

    Tell him you have given it up for lent lol
  7. Dolls&Pins

    Dolls&Pins Full Member

    Wow you guys have giving me some great idea's, I feel less worried now :) And I wont be having a drink, really not worth it if its gonna affect my weight loss(Which I encounter problems with without even cheating) Normally alcohol helps me loosen up and become more talkative and less shy but hey it's a great way for me to learn to come out of my shell without depending on something. Infact this probably sounds terrible but I don't think I have ever been on a first date where I haven't been at least a little tipsy(Ah maybe that's why I normally end up kissing on the first date ;)

    I really like the idea of the antibiotics or giving it up for lent, I would say I'm driving but I don't drive so that wouldn't work :(

    @Noodles: I dread to think if it goes any further and we have a date of going for a meal, I mean, being on slim and save is hard enough but I always hate eating in front of people I don't know too well. But that's something I can worry about if/when it happens.
  8. donjon

    donjon Full Member

    Good luck on your date. If he has a face on about the alcohol thing, then bin him and no kissy kissy night night. I would use the antibiotics thing too. I have a retirement night out next Saturday going to an Indian restaurant where it is set menu oh the joys. Going to take the car that night so I dont need to worry about the alcohol just need to figure out my excuses for the starter, main, dessert and cake.
  9. Dolls&Pins

    Dolls&Pins Full Member

    Donjon, I hope that your night out goes okay, if manage to get through the night without touching a single piece of food then kudos to you cause I really don't think I culd do that, especially not in and Indian restaurant.
  10. Lulu1964

    Lulu1964 Full Member

    Not to jump the gun, but if things come to a second date, you could always suggest doing something other than going for a meal... Skating or cinema, or walking or something silly... Dates don't always have to be in a pub or a restaurant! :)

    good luck on Friday xx
  11. kellmo

    kellmo Gold Member

    You go and buy the drinks. Ask for a sparking water in a tall glass for you - looks like vodka and lemonade, and buy his. OR just tell him you're not drinking (if he even asks!)

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