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I will do this!!!
Put it behind you, and CHUCK THEM AWAY lol. Though its hard to do that if you dont live alone x
I had a whole box of dairy milk over the weekend, and with it being new years i had alot of cake and booze... i must have put on alot of weight, but i know i have to push on and force myself to say no, i only ate a portion of my over sized meal and had no cake.. YAY me :)

G.Luck and snap outta it! No more choccies!
ive been totally on plan today - first day for a few weeks but it was sooo hard! but now its nearly bed time and im feeling well pleased with myself and hopefully i shall have another good day tomorrow. If you try real hard you will be so pleased when youve resisted them, also i find i kinda get on a roll and one good day (should) lead to another as i now feel inspired to carry on. You can do it!
Quality Street - cheap chocolate!! Nowhere near good enough for the likes of us. We will only deign to eat the very best, the most expensive chocolate - and we don't have any, so we can't.

Say it to yourself - did that help?????
Give them away ! Or pop them in the freezer - one of the quality street toffees will last ages out of the freezer!
Ive still got so much in our cupboards, even got the xmas pud and stollen in there still - me thinks the OH is going to be taking a few bits into work next week to help me get rid of them.
Awww.....back on the wagon I guess for you then hun! Dont worry.....it happens to the best of us. I ate sooooo much over christmas its unbelievable, but back on the wagon, put it down to experience, and move on hun! :)
Give them away! Nasty little critters! Once you've popped you can't stop.... Good luck getting back on the wagon!


I will do this!!!
cheers guys

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