Ahoy there good ship WeMITT

Hi again LF!
(You're going to think I'm stalking you! lol)

Welcome to the wemitts!! :) Everyone here knows what it's like to have a lot of weight to lose. We realise that, after everyone else is done and dusted, we have to dig extra deep to keep going.

There are some fab success stories: Westhills and Summerskye to mention but two.

Looking forward to sharing your journey with you.
Hi Lf welcome and good luck with your weight loss, when I started I needed to lose at least 13 stone. I have not yet decided on a target weight but under 11 stone would be nice.
Hi Lf, with the wemitts is a good place to be - it's full of folk with big journeys to make and lots of good ideas about getting there!
I have been messing about for a while but am back in the zone today. I am healthy eating with a food and feelings diary and am ready to get to get the next stone off!

Good luck with your plan, Love Barbx