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ainsley harriott cous cous


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hi everyone,

does anyone know the syn value of the spicey cous cous? On the SW website it says

Ainsley Harriott Spice Sensation Couscous, excluding oil & butter, dried 100g cooked[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
½ Syn on Extra Easy
Original 6½ Syns
Green ½ Syn
but does that mean the entire 100g packet makes 1/2 syn when cooked or that once it is cooked each cooked 100g is 1/2 syn? I dont want to eat a packet, count it as half a syn and then find out it should be 3 or 4 syns! xxx
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Will be thin god dammit!!
The whole packet cooked is 1/2 a syn hun x x x


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Actualluy I think the general concensus is that it's cooked weight rather than the whole packet. But that said it doesn't make much difference as the packet comes out at about 250g if I remember rightly, making it about 1.5 syns.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ah well i assumed the packet was 100g by Karens post - your right of course Circes if the packet is 250g then its 1.5 syns x


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no the pack is 100g raw/uncooked. now im still confused lol. however, i could allow for the extra syns just incase :)
Hi Karen

I take it as 100g dried cooked

do you get where i am coming from, but it is confusing. I only count 1/2 syn for the whole packet.



Will be thin god dammit!!
Yep if the whole packet is 100g then its a total of 1/2 a syn cooked hun - sorry to confuse you


Serial Foodie!
lol...thanks ladies. xxx


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Gosh I get the big AH Cous Cous from Costco and measure 100g dried in that black measuring cup and always count it as .5 syn. Hope I'm doing it right.

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