Alcohol on this diet is not good

Jelly belly

Ok I went out last night and decided to have a drink.

I usually drink cider so decided to be as good as possible and have vodka with diet coke which is about as low carb as i could get.

I feel awful today, I have the hangover from hell and to make it worse I've agreed to work a shift in my sisters pub this afternoon and one again this evening as she has a staff shortage at the moment.

I just want to go to bed and wake up tomorrow feeling normal again.

I've never felt this rough after a night out.

So sorry you found this out the hard way. Alcohol is a drug and you have detoxed whilst on the diet. Although initially it seems like the alcohol is not having an effect the hangover is from hell.

Alcohol is cumulative so if you drink as a matter of course even if its only a glass of wine a day your body is used to it, when you take it away you detox. When you go back and try to do what you used to its like poison. Relate it to a controlled drug like heroin, an addict may be used to a certain amount a day then detoxes if he was to go back and use the amount of drug he used to immediately he would kill himself.

In future stick to a Vodka surprise, lots of tonic and ice, the surprise is there is no Vodka in there.

Keep up your fluids today and take paracetamol.

Hope you feel better soon.

LOL at vodka suprise!!!!
that really made me belly laugh!
Eek! Poor you.

Love my wine usually, but couldn't even face a glass at the moment, as I know I would probably be on the floor after a sip. Even the smell when hubbie has it makes me gag at the moment.
I can't even stand the smell of alcohol at the moment, though I am a real wine fan. Waiting for christmas, should be finished maintenance and am looking forward to my annual champagne breakfast.

This diet works, but the fall out if you cheat is not good.

Yay my ticker works!!!!

Best wishes

Hi JellyBelly - sorry ur feeling so awful :(

although in a strange way I'm kinda glad you posted re your experience with the demon drink !! I miss my wee glasses of wine and have thought (once or twice) surely one or two ickle glasses would be OK - now I know that they WOULD NOT !!! and I'm defo gonna stay well and truly 'on the wagon''s sooooo not worth it !

take care and hope you feel better soon :)

Yeah, I keep getting tempted by evil people offering to buy me drinks at the pub but I have stood my ground and will definitely NOT be caving in after reading this. A lot of people don't understand thid diet though and keep telling me that a vodka and diet coke is OK on a diet. Anyone else have this problem?
Speaking from personal experience drinking and doing Sole Source can have very bad results in that one night I went to a birthday party and was being very good and had wonderful intentions and when the champagne came around I said okay I will toast the birthday girl:(

Stupidly I by passed the lovely meal and had a few more Linda has already mentioned your body is detoxed and therefore drink hits you hard...I did not feel drunk as I only had a couple but....I was up all night with cramps in my legs and never in my life did I feel anything like it...I was drinking my water I reckon between the water and the drink my whole electrolytes balance was upset.

I came off SSing and sort of lost the plot weight wise after that:eek: :rolleyes: :(

Like most, I seem to learn the hard way:eek:
I've had a similar experience. Maybe there should be health warnings posted on the packs

"Alcohol on this diet makes you very poorly indeed"

Then again, despite being told it is strictly off-limits we've all tested it and found out the hard way!
In future stick to a Vodka surprise, lots of tonic and ice, the surprise is there is no Vodka in there.

Whahahahahaaha... God i find that hilarious!

Hmmm well i must be a one off then because i drank dry white wine for the last half (4 months) of the diet. My social life soared around xmas time and i started going out 2/3 times a week, didn't like going out sober so i started drinking wine with a pint or bottle of water inbetween each and every glass. I got to that wonderful tipsy stage and NEVER had a hangover! In fact i could manage 4/5 nights out in a row and still feel good at the end of it!

I know that drinking is NOT allowed but i'm amazed at the detrimental effects that other people have experienced!

Maybe the trick is to drink water inbetween each glass? although i wouldn't want to tempt someone to break the diet cos it did delay me from getting to target by 6 weeks.
Thanks for replying all :D

Just to let you know that I'm fine and back to normal (well as normal as I've ever been anyway).

Think I'll be trying one of Linda's vodka surprises from now on.

Take care all.