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Alcohol Syn Values


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I was a little naughty last night and didn't stick to the couple of vodka's I had planned :D

I had:
3 x vodka and diet coke
1 x bottle of magners
1 x pint of kronenberg

And by god was I drunk lol

I think the vodka is 2.5 syns? (x 3 in my case) Could anyone else help me with the syn values of the others. Thanks x

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Yes, when i went out on Saturday I stuck to bacardi & diet coke - i would normally have lots of wine and maybe baileys if i'm drinking! Oh and lager is 5 syns for 284ml x
Thanks again :D
I stuck to vodka before the game, had a pint at half time and then, as the alcohol worked its magic, I had the dreaded magners in the pub afterwards :eek:
I was so proud of myself too because when OH bought crisps I told him to have both packets as I wanted to be good :8855:
I still drink beer at least once a week and dont bother counting em as my syns, for some reason they dont seem to have any effect on my weight loss, mind you i do visit the loo alot during the evenings social activities if thats owt to go by lol :)


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I think you should be proud of yourself then, you could easily have drank lots of magners and eaten crisps x

And had a kebab lol

Just write it off and jump right back on the bandwagon, you could have been far naughtier so you can feel proud of your restraint :) x


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Thanks peeps. I dont feel bad, Im just not used to drinking or consuming so many syns at the beginning of my week lol. I have to admit at the weekend when I had a drink I didn't count syns, although I did just stick to vodka. The reason I didn't was because I knew I'd stuck to plan the rest of the time so my one night wasn't gunna blow it. Here's to next weeks loss!
1 week in and I'm already having wine withdrawals lol. I just can't stick with 1 glass when 1 bottle is open. But I am missing it. Must find sum thing new and syn free to drink lol ( water )
I feel the same about wine. I did discover with some maths that two of those little bottles you can get comes up to 13 syns (dry white) so that's usually my daily syns... :S
@ vanessal a bottle of Cape cafe collection is only 12 syns per bottle. They come in red, white and rosey, they are a few draw backs though. They are low alcohol only 5.5% but hell that hight than most bottles of beer

@ hollsbolls my group leader was taking about making sensible drink choices and what the worst to drink, she mentioned that buckfast is 38 syns per bottle!! hope that helps

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