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Alcohol warning !!!!

Hi girls, I had two barcardi and zero diet cokes last night as planned (told my cdc who said as long as i stopped at 2 shouldn't be much of a problem although bacardi is sugar based). Anyway, this morning I woke with hangover from hell, still feeling rough now so if you are thinking of having a drink, make sure you eat before. Im on SS+ and had chicken and veg but still feel crap! Def not worth the pain.

Good news have lost 7lb on 2nd week so means loss of 16lb in two weeks. Although I may have put on some now, i will be good rest of week and try to shift it.

Also to all girls on 3rd week, I lost your thread but would love to join you.

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The other week i had some vodka diet cokes and it wiped me out too i think its the combination of being on such little calories and having a late night that wiped me out. It was the week i only lost 1.5lbs but got back on it 100% and lost 5lbs last week :) so dont worry bout maybe slowing your loss down this week youll be fine! :)
btw your CDC shouldnt be telling you its ok to drink because it isnt and theres some scare stories out there where people have blacked out and had to go to hosp etc so be careful :) ( i know i drank on CD but im an idiot and if someone tells me no.. I tend to do the opposite lol )
Over to you KD.........(lol I KNOW she will be telling you off for this girls!!!) xxx
I'm not KD :eek: but - yea - drinking alcohol whilst doing a ketogenic diet is dangerous & should never be advised - simply - with no carbohydrates to 'soak' up the alcohol & slowly release it to your bodys system- the alcohol goes straight to the blood stream & therefore straight to the brain - the results can, I'm afraid, be fatal as your body will release insulin to deal with the sugars present in the blood - which can in severe cases lead to a hypoglycemic episode (too low blood sugar), which can lead to a person falling into a coma & then death :)


debs xx


Loves life......
God this is so scary never drinking again and have no wish to anyway......lol


WILL be Slim!
much easier to avoid the booze and drink water rather than be faced with the alternitive....terrifying!


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