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....well basically, I have a few Christmas parties coming up, and am being selective about the ones I actually attend...

My question is this : when I go for the meal, I am planning on having some chicken & veg, if available.... I am also planning on maybe having a couple of drinks, but am not 100% decided on that one yet....IF (and its a very big if) I decided to drink, wat would be the best of the bad bunch to have?!

I know champagne is, like, so low in calories....but I'm thinking more along the lines of wat would be worse...a couple of glasses of white wine, or a couple of vodkas?

As I have said, its only an IF I decide to drink, not a definate....

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Vodka and slimline tonic never has kicked me out of Ketosis.

Oops (confesson time!!)

Really????? U mean I could actually drink instead of all this going out on the town on a dozen sparkling mineral waters!! Don't like tonic so i could have just a ketosis supporting vodka??


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Hi Ya,:)

Vodka is the best Spirit, but all spirits are better then lager/beer. If you are having a mixer don't go for the diet coke , go for the Zero coke which is in the Cambridge Programes. Diet cokes are actually just as fattening as normal coke if you dont exercise.

Water is the best thing if you are on the sole source and other Cambridge programmes.

Nick :)


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Vodka or Champoo!


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According to diet coke is 1.3 calories per can whereas normal coke is 141.9 calories per can. I assume zero coke is 0 but there aren't any figures for that one.


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Please remember that you really shouldn't be drinking any alcohol whilst SSing - your liver takes a battering due to the lack of gycogen and you can make yourself very poorly indeed.

The main difference between diet coke and coke zero is that coke zero has no citric acid in it, which makes it slightly more acceptable for those on SS.

The lowest calorie drink is definitely vodka and coke zero/diet coke for those who are eating carbs.



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Thanks guys....

Isobel..I know I shouldnt be drinking on SS and no doubt if Coley sees this thread I'll be in trouble!! But I just wanted to make the best decision, if I decided to make a bad decision....hopefully that makes sense to people!!


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Wonder why Nick says they are just as fattening. :confused: Can't see how that can be the case. Velly interesting.

Anyway....slightly changing the subject. For all you people who have spent many hours in your life wondering why diet coke floats:rolleyes:, here's the answer

Why does the diet coke float while the classic coke sinks?
The artificial sweetener used in diet coke is hundreds of times sweeter per unit volume than regular sugar. Classic coke has about 11 teaspoons of sugar in each can which are taken up by water in the diet coke can. Since sugar is more dense than water, it is not surprising that the diet coke will be less dense than classic coke.


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Hi Guys, :)

I have been trying to find out tonight where i got this information from as it was a while ago when i had it. I remember reading this somewhere when I was on one of my other diets,that there was a difference in the two but depending what you are looking for in a diet ( kcal/sugar ect) would vary to what was classed as "fattening". Maybe my words on the subject were abit forward and i shouldn't have used the word "fattening".

I did read it somewhere that because coke is high in sugars/Kcals ect and because it is replaced by something like diet coke that it is higher in sweetners ect and other chemicals unless you exercised to burn the volume off (depending how much you drank it could put weight on) your body could and would turn it into fat.

This type of subject we can learn from as we all witness questions like this " why are pic and mix sweets classed as Fattening but don't have much fat in them? "

But they have plenty of sugar instead?.

Can anyone advise on this? or any other examples similar

Nick :)