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Hello :) I know i don't post much but just wanted some advice really. I am due to start refeed next thursday after loosing almost 5 and half stone. Im now a size 10. I was wondering when it is recommended that you can have some alcohol and what type is it best to have? Vodka i here is low in calories.
Thanks in advance
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Vodka and a diet drink or vodka and soda water are the easiest on calories and its safe to drink alcohol, its keeping yourself away from the chips and burgers when your wasted that might be harder!! Plus that empty feeling you have in our tummy the week after a bender is always dangerous


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well done on losing 51/2stone amazing my understanding is when you are eating again alcohol is ok suggest you confirm it with lipotrim

all the best



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just watch your intake is my advice as i over-indulged shall we say and had a blackout


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Well done with your weightloss! Good luck with your refeeding. :)


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White wine is ok too. Gin and tonic light? Just stay away from beers!
To be honest, I think just best to monitor yourself coz your body isn't used to alcohol anymore. I don't think you'll suddenly put on loads of weight from a few drinks... just make sure you have something sensible to snack on if you get cravings. I prepared some raw carrots and cellery before I went out and munched on that when I came home... ;)


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S: 12st0lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.79%)
Thanks everyone :) I'm getting really nervous for Thursday and starting to eat again as I'm loving my size 10 and don't want to get fat again :S


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congrats babe on losing your 5 and a half stone. Cant give ya advice on the drink as I dont drink myself but well done and if anyone should celebrate it should be ya!!