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Like most girlies, I do enjoy the odd tipple.... probably were most of my weight came from (along with feeding a hangover ;))....

Just wondering what your drink of choice is on the SW plan.... currently gin & slimline as I do not drink it as fast.... but find I can have lots on a night out.... so saves syns for the weekend (hope this is allowed)

So what's everyone having, my round?

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I can do this............
i love vodka and slimline ginger ale but not many pubs sell it, but that is what i have at home!

does anyone know if soda water is free?
yes it is.... absolutely no calories

I would chose dark rum and diet coke :)
I'm exactly the same I could easily sit and drink a full bottle of white wine on an evening.

Just started the plan on Monday and I haven't had a drink since last Saturday (sound like I'm at an AA meeting lol!!)

Anyway my choice on SW would be either Vodka & Diet coke/lemonade or Martini & diet coke/lemonade or bacardi diet coke/lemonade.

Cheers !!!


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Ahhh - a thread I can properly join in on :eek:

I like a drink me, and in fact, I usually drink the majority of my syns. I know its not great, but I drink less now that I am with SW (which is a worry, cos I was obviously drinking faaaaar too much)

gin and slimline - tipple of choice
1/2 bottle of wine - 12 syns
1/4 bottle 6 syns

Most evenings I have a G&T and a glass of wine (8.5syns total)

but friday night is cocktail night!

Jamacan Sunday - dark rum, honey and diet lemonade
mojito - dark rum, mint, lime, sugar and soda

We make our cocktails so they come to 4 or 5 syns each :)
My syns are saved for the weekend, if I didn't have a drink to look forward to then I'd go crazy !!

I have Bourbon and diet coke or sometimes Vodka with Dandelion & Burdock. I have a double in a pint glass so it lasts longer.
Before SW I'd always drink wine :party0036: but its too many syns for me now so I tend to have a G&T (slimline of course) with lots of ice and that leaves me some sys for chocolate too :D


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Gin is 2.5 syns in 25mls! (about a thimbleful, I don't think I could pour an amount that small!)

My drink of choice would be dark rum and diet coke, but I don't have it often Xmas usually, when I assault my liver! These days we stick to wine. Since joining SW we've cut back alot. It was getting to the stage where we were drinking most nights, I didn't actually realise that I wasn't feeling that great until we cut back to Fridays and Saturdays (pre SW) BUT! OH would bring a BOX :eek: and we often used to drink nearly all of it :eek:.
Now we buy bottles so we know when to stop! Good stuff half price all synned and the weight is rolling off on the weeks I stick to my syns! I feel much better in myself ,I love the taste of it.But sometimes I don't know when to stop! But I'm getting there!
I absolutely love wine and find it hard to drink anything else. I can quite easily go through 2 bottles on a weekend on my own, but have cut it out completely during the week, although i'd only usually have a glass or two once during the week x


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Gin and slimline tonic with tons of ice. I love wine too but I have cut back on it since joining SW. Developed a taste for pear cider during the hot weather but will only be having as a treat as really high in syns! xx

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