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Aldi salmon syns?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by adriennemossy, 17 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. adriennemossy

    adriennemossy Member

    Any idea if these are free? The ingredient lists just salmon and the toppings, no oil or anything....thanks!!

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  3. adriennemossy

    adriennemossy Member

    Can anyone help?

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  4. What are the toppings? Can't tell from those pictures. Can you list the ingredients?
  5. adriennemossy

    adriennemossy Member

    One is black pepper and the other is chilli, lime and ginger. Thanks x

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  6. eejayess

    eejayess Full Member

    Hi, the SW website has some from Almare, and they have the black pepper one as 1 syn each and the ginger one as free.
  7. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    There must be more to them then just salmon and spices. Zooming in I can see the kcal content is over 400 per fillet and the fat content is 27g and 31g per fillet. I know we don't count them but that strikes me as high just for salmon?? Can you take a pic of the ingredients panel? Or the full nutritional info? They may be free because some foods are despite seemingly high kcal but I just thought it may be indicative of extra ingredients?
  8. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I found a very similar chilli lime and ginger one that's 3 syns. That's pretty good as they look delish (although I'm veggie so don't eat fish)
  9. If the ingredients list says salmon ginger chilli and lime and nothing else - that's the small print on the back, not the description on the front, then it would be free.

    And have you noticed how the ingredients lists are getting smaller - I have to get the magnifying glass out sometimes! Or is it - whisper it quietly, or I might get upset! - that I am getting older? Sigh.
  10. Had a look in Aldi today - the chilli and lime ones weren't there, but the pepper one did just say salmon salt and pepper, and the dill one was salmon salt and dill. No mention of additional oil. So I would think that they would be free.

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