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aldi sweet syns help needed!

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Leeanne910, 6 January 2011 Social URL.

  1. Leeanne910

    Leeanne910 Gold Member

    Got some sugar free sweets from aldi today as I'm quiting smoking.

    They are called


    Butterscotch sugar free

    I have a real old dictionary so dominion sweets are in tgere but not these

    Info says
    Per 100g
    Sugars 0.4g
    Fat of which saturates 5.4g

    Box size is 44g

    Would really appriiate help as I need sweeties when I feel I want a fag :(
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  3. Ellellie

    Ellellie Full Member

    Hey, not sure on the syn value, but i quit smoking a year ago and I used the Alan Carr Easy way to quit smoking and it was amazing! No cravings, no willpower, no substitutes! You don't even need to quit until you have read the book, which is very well written and easy to read.

    Sorry bout no syn info and good luck with the non-smoking!

    Ellen xxx
  4. pjplatts

    pjplatts Full Member

    They are 1/2 a syn each x
  5. curlygirl2

    curlygirl2 Full Member

    I got some of these yesterday. They are lovely if you want a treat.

  6. eilidhsmummy

    eilidhsmummy Full Member

    Is it 0.5 syns per box?
  7. reallyneedtodothis

    reallyneedtodothis Full Member

    i used to buy these in Aldi when they were the Sula make, the strawberry ones are 2 sweets for 0.5 syn and the butterscotch are 0.5 syns per sweet. I just tried to search the dominion make on sw website but they aren't on there, but the sula ones were in the same size box and the sweets are the same. Hope this helps
  8. Leeanne910

    Leeanne910 Gold Member

    Thanks so much for help guys n they really have been helping and taste good! You can't eat too many ad they have a laxative affect it says on box... Surely that won't hurt tho lol
  9. eilidhsmummy

    eilidhsmummy Full Member

    I'm confused is it 0.5 for the box or sweet?
  10. reallyneedtodothis

    reallyneedtodothis Full Member

    its per sweet eilidhsmummy, or 2 sweets if you have the strawberry ones.
  11. pjplatts

    pjplatts Full Member

    Yeh 1/2 per sweet not per box xx
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