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All Change…and I mean ALL Change

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Catinajar, 31 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Catinajar

    Catinajar Member

    First post for YEARS on here…oh well...

    I'm 29, overweight, have an under active thyroid and have just had a breast augmentation. All go, eh?! I've been trying to lose weight for goodness knows how long, but the only time I have successfully managed to do so was when I was accidentally prescribed too much thyroxine (which, as some of you will know, raised my metabolism to dangerous levels). I admittedly have fallen into the trap of comfort eating when the effects of changing thyroid med levels has just got too much for me. It has caused depression, weight gain, loss of energy etc etc etc…but it's about time I put my foot down and at least ATTEMPTED to change the way this is going myself.

    I haven't weighed myself since my breast operation as I know I will have gained weight from the implants alone, but I can see that I've expanded elsewhere too. Once I can see that starting to change, I'll leap back on the scales and see where I am. For now, though, I think SW is the way to go for me.

    By the way, I'm allergic to gluten, which makes things even harder…but I do think SW can be adapted for that, which is another reason I'm going for it!

    I have a holiday booked to Nice next March and I'm aiming to be at least a toned size 8-10 by that point. I'm a size 12 at the moment so it might not seem like such a massive slog, but it definitely will be given my condition, and the fact I can't exercise for at least another 4 weeks because of the op.

    ANYWAY, I'll take a breath now and post again later. Hello!

    Last edited: 31 August 2014
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  3. Catinajar

    Catinajar Member

    Breakfast - omelette (4 egg whites and 1 whole egg, FF cottage cheese, 2 slices of ham)
    Fat free yoghurt

    Snack - 1/2 caramac (4.5 syns)

    Lunch - 2 slices gluten free toast (HexB) 2 eggs whipped with 1 x laughing cow light triangle (HexA), veg (asparagus, brocolli, baby corn)
    Fat free yoghurt
  4. Catinajar

    Catinajar Member

    Snack: Apple

    Apparently there is a group near me on Tuesday at 7pm. I may go…depends how motivated I feel that day. At the moment it's up and down. We'll see!
  5. Catinajar

    Catinajar Member

    Dinner: Roasted peppers with 2 x Laughing Cow Light triangles, Chicken breast with tandoori seasoning, Asparagus, Mange Tout and Babycorn, 1 tsp of tuna (left over from BF's pizza).
    Alpro Soya Chocolate Dessert (5.5 syns)

    12 syns in total today, counting 0.5 each for 2 Muller Light Greek Yoghurts. 3 left if I want them….may well have a hot chocolate later.

  6. PsYcHo LiLLY

    PsYcHo LiLLY Full Member


    I too have an underactive thyroid so im really interested to see how you get on. I too find it a hard slog but slow and steady wins the race. Good luck with your weightlosses

    LiL xx

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