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All clear !

Afternoon folks.

Well, after having more tests done today they've given me the all clear.
Bleeding and severe headaches have dwindled down yesterday and today, so unless it continues, they're telling me it's a side effect from the other head injury i have, probably just a little internal swelling.

PLUS...they said they are happy for me to go back on CD. :cool:

So...just had my last meal (chicken wraps.)
Not going to eat anymore today at all.
And tomorrow i'll start again, well, sort of, it's just been a week off really.
Hopefully i'll be in ketosis by monday and losing again.
Although, i have lost 1lb this week...so will update my chart.

Staples come out on monday, and i'm also allowed to drive again.
(not that i have a car to drive after all this mind you)
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Loooooves MiniMins
What on earth happened tom??


Loooooves MiniMins
omg! how are you holding up hun? Thats pretty serious! BIG HUG:hug99:
I'm doing grand now that i know i'm in the clear.
It was just worrying through the week when they were unsure of what was causing all the nose bleeds etc.

Am really hoping i've not been knocked too far off track with this.
What do you lot think ?
Start SS tomorrow, i should be back in K by monday i would hope ?


Loooooves MiniMins
You've been doing really well hun I have no doubt you can get back into it nae bother :) You're over half way there! Well done x


Loooooves MiniMins
I counted that wrong! What I mean is you've done over half of what you have left to go. I'm getting confusing lol, confusing myself! Ok time for nessie to stick her head in the oven and get a wake up call lmao!


Loooooves MiniMins
You Fifers never make sense !!! :D
lmao! fanks, we know what we mean, the rest of the world doesn't lol! Glad you ahve all clear hun :D


Unzipping the fat suit
glad to hear you are OK Tom, and that you are clear to start CD again, good luck!

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