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All done!


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Well guys, I've decided I'm done with the diets now. I'm under target and am happy with my weight. I've had two comments this morning telling me that my face is looking slim....which I take it they mean gaunt!! I have noticed when putting my face cream on that its really slimmed down. I'm a size 12/14. I wanted the size 12, but feel that now I'm a bit older (38:eek:) I look better not trying to get 'skinny'...not a good look for me. I went for a curry last night and said I'd have a spoon of rice and a chapatti. I couldnt bring myself to eat the rice....even a mouthful. I had a mouthful of chapatti and didn't finish the rest. Its like I knew as soon as I ate it I'd be out of ketosis and that terrifies me, but I did it. I had a banana this morning. I'm going to stick with low carb, but not NO carb. I realise that is the key for me to maintain.

I'll be around guys and love reading all your posts. Keep the recipe ideas coming as I'll still be eating them.

Good luck with your diets...whichever you choose.
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ahh well done hun, you have done amazingly well, keep popping back, need your help and wisdom.

sue xxx
well done babe, you have done so well and you look amazing! I hope you will still be here cos I rely on you!! Enjoy your success :) xxx


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Congratulations hun! You have done so well! How long has it taken you altogether or has it been a very long ongoing process?

Good luck with maintaining :) you can do it!


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Shaz, congratulations, its been a pleasure sharing these forums with a great success story!
Don't be a stranger, some of us are going to be here for some time to come


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Well done on all you've achieved Shazpaz, you're looking fantastic and healthy, you should be proud!

You've given me some really nice comments throughout my lipotrim journey, I'd like you to know they've really helped!
I am also low-carbing now I'm in refeed/maintanance stage, perhaps we can share recipes! :)


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Congratulations Shaz:D

Keep posting so we know how you get on with maintenance. I think you're right with the carb idea. I try and stick to the low gi carbs and this helps to stop cravings for more and more.

You look great and I know you'll stay looking great too:D

Congrats on your loss and all the best with your maintaining - enjoy your success and being slim
That's brilliant, and your pictures are fab hun!

Well done you xxx


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Thanks guys.

Well I've just had bacon and asparagus....I think it will take some getting used to not dieting!! I've been on a diet most of my life. I'm still sticking to the low carb....I love my bacon asparagus in the mornings...forget toast!

Thanks Sue...I'm not sure if I have wisdom, but it was a lovely comment.
Daisybank...you aint getting rid of me that easy hun. (thanks for calling me babe!! LOL)
wannabslim...all in all its taken about three months of dieting. I had a break for a holiday and medical reasons, but if you add the weeks up about 12.
Pinks....I'll not be a stranger hun.
Skintwitch....you are now the inspiration for others. You look amazing. Well done you. This forum has some great recipe ideas...keep your eye on pinks and alybongo...they have great ideas and post them on the sticky above.
Alybongo...my 'bad influence' LOL I'm still sticking to low carb so I'll be around.
Tracey...thanks hun. Its odd, I don't feel great. I still sit with a cushion over my tummy when watching TV yet the tummy has nearly gone now...very odd. Hopefully the confidence will return.
Dancing, Thanks hun.....Well done you too. You look amazing on the photo thread.
Madamdotty....me slim!! Seems very odd to use those words for me. Thanks hun.
Blue_grapefruit. Thank you very much hun.

Good luck all of you guys. Low carb rocks. xxx
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Huge congratulations hun you have done soooo well! Welcome to the maintenance wagon... enjoy xxxx


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You have done so well!! Congrats!

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