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All Judders please reply, thanks.


Xmas goal, here I come!
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aka Hope Over Experience!
Hi - i've lost 7lbs in almost three weeks. Lost 5lbs in the first week then gorged myself silly on the up days and not surprisingly put some back on :sigh:. Now in the swing of things and find I don't want to and can't eat so much on UDs as I feel pretty full easily. Hoe.
At the end of 2008, my husband and I did this diet for a couple of months... WE loved it!!! He lost 20lbs, and I lost 15lbs.... LOVED it!
But... then... We got busy with company coming over, us going out of town, just something was constantly going on! So while I was tryin to still do JUDDD it seemed we were only gettin 1 down day in a week.... So I said, Im gonna try something else until we can get back to doing it correctly.... Well guess what? NOTHING else worked! However, through out this past year, we hardly gained any back!!! I only gained 2lbs back... For us, this is huge because we eat a lot it seems! LOL

Soooo a couple of weeks ago hubby and I decided to start back doing it faithfully again... and its workin again for us! :)

Ive lost 4lbs since we started back. (I relost the 2lbs I gained over this last year, plus 2 more pounds! Which brings my total weight loss to 17lbs! from my highest weight)

Hubby has now lost a total of 25lbs from his highest weight in 2008. (remember thats with takin close to a year off! For some reason, you just don't gain it back very fast with this diet!)

My brother has also done this diet... He has lost 20 pounds plus! He loves it!

This diet is very forgiving! It works! You can arrange it to meet your lifestyle. It is GREAT!


Xmas goal, here I come!
Thanks so much to all who have replied to my question?
So, let me get this straight - Mon, wed and fri can be my down days where I eat no more than 500 cal. (although when I did that calculator I am supposed to eat only 406, does that seem too little to you, would I still lose weight if I went to 500?)
tue, thur and sat can be my up days and did someone say I could have a medium day? How many cal on that day - half way between 500 and my upd cals?
How much can I expect to lose if I follow this plan? Do you think I could lose 20 pds by Christmas? Thanks everyone for your support, I think this is a diet I can follow.
Hi, I've lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Last week I had a lot of socialising and still lost 1lb.
I do MWF DD's
T/Th/Sat UD's
and make Sunday a medium. I try to stick to around 1300 on a med. You will lose on 500 cals on down days. Good luck!
Hi there. I lost 7lbs my first week, second week I went on holiday but still lost 1lb, 3rd week I had a wedding and still lost 1lb. I was currently doing inbetween days for health reasons but back to it today.
only 406, does that seem too little to you, would I still lose weight if I went to 500?)
Yes you will prob lose the same amount as in the book it does say that 100 calories under or over will give the same weight loss.
Good luck
Good luck Sooz, can't really add much to what the others have said, but yes be quite poss to lose 20lbs (or close to it) by Christmas if you stick at it I'm sure. Plenty of water helps to especially on dds.

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