All Or Nothing..........:(

Bimbie Finn

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Is anybody else the same?
Im finding at the mo, im either doing slimming world to the letter or going totally off plan, Exercising like mad or doing nothing at all for weeks. Im really struggling with my weight and havnt felt good or lossed any weight for ages and ages, the thing is when i do exercise and follow s/w i do feel great but i dont stick to it long enough, sorry for the negative post but i feel so low

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I am exactly the same in all areas of my life!! In currently in a nothing stage too so let's hope people have some ideas! We both know we can do it!!!! Let's try and be positive xxx


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Sorry to hear that you are finding it tough at the moment Bimbie. Have you considered that you are doing too much to soon? Its just that in the past I have decided to go a lose weight/keep fit campaign at the same time and couldnt sustain it for any length of time. Stop the exercise and I would think 'meh I have failed' and stop the diet as well, or vice versa.

Maybe if you tried to follow the SW diet on its own for a while and then slowly reintroduce the exercise it may help to keep your motivation?