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All seems to be falling into place

Well I am now on day 5 and although I have been struggling the last few days i finally feel like it may all be falling into place. The water is second nature now and i am gulping about 3.5/4.5ltrs a day. My main problem I have to admit is having all three packs as after all the fluids throughout the day I just look at a shake and think omg another glass of fluid so I have started looking at the recipies and whilst they arent necessarily something i would go and buy i have to admit having muffins / buscuits is an easier way of getting the packs down.

I also have give in to mix a moose, i know it is not necessarily allowed in the first few weeks but whatever a girl has to do to get through a girls gotta do also have some chicken in the fridge at the ready incase I need something food based. TOTM so my hormones are pretty much taking over. I just have to wait for my first weigh in saturday to see iff the results are as good as i hope. Wish me luck !!!!:)
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I had my bars from Day 4 of week one and its not affected me hun.... I am quite lucky, I split make 1st pack and have choc lattes, then just concentrate on my water after that - for some reason packs make me thirsty?????????

Before my soup, I have at least half litre of sparkling water and another half with my soup, I then have a bowl of soup after 6pm and a bar from 8pm onwards -with a huge pint of black T, then the food pack part of the day is over.

Well the day is basically over then:p:p:p
I've tried the muffins which for some reason come out rubbish in my microwave???? I've tried the fudge but a full pack is way too much - try it with just a half a choc pack. I have a soup at work around lunchtime then phsyllium husk porridge every day for tea at around 4-5pm. I split my soup for supper at around 8pm and have half as soup and the other half as a poppadom type thing in the microwave. I have an occassional bar as a treat in place of the evening soup which I cut up into 16 squares and have with a big mug of black coffee.
I have never yet tried a tetra or mix a mousse but I 've bought some so will try it this week. I also bought some veg bouillon from my CDC and have had a cup of that for the past 2 days - I think it's really nice and a change from black coffee or water.

I think you just have to keep experimenting with the recipies until you find something you like.
Keep up the good work.
muffins?! How can there be muffins on the diet? Am i missing something?xxx


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:D at fatpig13...yes, I went crazy when I thought I could have muffins on this diet, too!
Get some bars next time you see your counsellor. Mine let me have them from day 1 which I found an absolute Godsend and I have 1 everyday and 2 shakes.

There is no need to struggle with getting shakes down your neck as you are only having the 2. All this stuff about waiting till week 3 to have bars is nonsense. The weight will still come off, you'll still be in ketosis, and you'll not feel nearly so deprived.

Best of luck for your 1st weigh in.:)
Thanks for the advice girls!!! I guess ill just have to have the bars tomorrow when i see mt CDC. I love the bars !! Probably just feeling sorry for myself, woooo is me and all that I hate TOTM perhaps it was the wrong week to start with my hormones taking over!!

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