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All those who've moved to CD from LL

The weight loss on both programs is identical.



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Hi Peridot

I moved from LL to CD on Sunday, I had done 11 weeks with LL. I've lost 5lbs since my WI on Saturday so it seems ok so far. I'm enjoying the new flavours, tetra paks and bars, as I had about another 10 weeks to go and I couldn't stand any more LL stuff! I felt I had taken all I could from the counselling part and maintenance :) on CD seems very similar to how Route to Mgmt in LL is laid out. However, before making the change, I did a 'crooked thinking' exercise from the management book just to check I wasn't acting on a wrong 'hot thought!'. If you do move, don't have a gap in between, stay in ketosis and continue with abstinence. I don't see this as stopping and starting but a continuation with nicer packs! My understanding is that LL is based on Cambridge anyway, with the CBT etc added on.
Anyway whatever you do good luck!
I'm going on holiday as soon as I finish 100 days and I do intend to eat (sensibly, healthily and in moderation). Then get back on to abstinence when I return. I lose very slowly so reckon I'll be on until at least February/March (not Christmas Day though!;)).

I do think new packs on CD will revitalise me a little - I really only like the banana LL pack although I can cope with all of them in some form except Vegetable, Caramel, Raspberry and the bars.

And the counselling on LL has been lack-lustre to say the least so I feel as if I'm paying for something I'm not really getting. And I can't afford to keep paying out!
Hi, i didn't even make the 100 days as I was unhappy with the counsellor and the whole group thing, not really my cup of tea. I also found the cost to be a bit much for what I was getting out of it. I've now switched and love doing CD. the shakes are much nicer and the bars are like heaven after those LL ones :) My loses have been great on CD so i can't see any difference from LL (apart from the shakes tasting nicer and CD is cheaper! more money left to spend on me!!) good luck with whatever you decide x.