All time high weight - something has to be done!

Hi all,

Hoping that 2012 is going to be my year for losing weight. I seem to have been on a diet off and on since I was 16 (I'm 30 now) and the cycle is normally:

Join slimming club, lose a bit, get bored of eating same old things, get distracted by easter/birthdays/christmas/holidays, put a bit back on, feel rubbish, eat, give up...and then it will start again a few months down the line :(

I'm fast approaching 20 stone which I'm so ashamed about - nobody knows how much I weigh, not even my husband and at the moment I'm feeling absolutely crap about it tbh. I was a member of SW before christmas and lost a stone but then christmas came along and lo and behold, all my will power came and went and now i'm back where I started!! I'm feeling really frumpy, uncomfortable, achy and I know this is all down to my weight. All my friends would say that I'm really chatty and bubbly but underneath it all, I do feel rubbish and my self confidence is so low at the mo. Didn't help that before Christmas I was out with hubby and some friends and as we were walking along the street, some idiot started shouting abuse at me and my friend, saying how fat we were etc - nice eh. I called him a rude word and shouted back but it really hurt - I know I'm fat, I don't need a stranger to remind me of this fact.

Me and hubby are trying for a baby at the mo and I know that my weight isn't helping this. So I do have a really really good reason for losing the weight - I just need to keep this in mind when my will power and motivation is down!!

I'll be rejoining slimming world next week with my mum so I am really hoping to be able to stick to it this time. I'm also going to start exercising which I have to admit, I'm a little worried about. My fitness levels are rubbish and I don't know where to start! A friend of mine is a personal trainer and has offered me some free sessions but I've been putting that off, purely cos I'm embarrased about my size etc. I'm also going to be going to some aerobics classes with my sister so that should be ok, always liked going to them in the past so hoping it will become a regular thing.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling post - I've been bottling up alot of feelings and thoughts recently and its nice to be able to put it all out there and know that some of you might be in the same boat as me x
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I know how hard it is, my will power is crap. I started the caveman diet on Monday, my friend lost 4stone in 7months! It's a 30 day plan and basically I just eat what cavemen did, fresh fruit, veg and meat. So far so good 4.5lbs since Monday! Thinking possibly too good to be true but will carry on, I actually like all the food and can eat loads tbh.
I hope you do really well with SW, chin a skirt/top in 2 sizes smaller than you are now and use it as your goal! I have a lush pair of jeans I am determined to wear in feb! X


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I totally understand how you feel, my confidence is at a complete low too!! It's like I feel so crap about myself so I have to make out to everyone else that I'm feeling great but in actual fact my weight gets me so down! I've lost just over a stone but I don't feel it at all, I still feel like a flump!! Ha

I'm on sw too and it definitely does work, well when ya put your mind to it and just do it- which is really what I need to do!!

My sister in law has lost 4 stone since August, it's giving me the motivation to get off my ass and do something!!

Good luck

Thanks for the kinds words, its nice to know theres others that feel as lost and frustrated as I do!
I've done SW loads before and I love being able to eat lots of free food so I know its a good diet, my issue is staying away from the bad stuff! A friend of mine has lost 4 stone on SW over the last few months so shes given me some serious inspiration to get cracking on it again, I really would love to be able to feel comfortable again and not like a big lump!
Good luck with your diets everyone xx