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All you 5 foot 7 ers (roughly)


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shell09 said:
Hi I'm 5 foot 7 female just wondered any body around my height and what your targets are???
I'm 5' 7" exactly and my target is 12st I've been down to 11st 4lbs but find that too difficult to maintain for me.


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Hi thanks for replying I was too down to 11.4 but it crept up to 12.10

I was initially thinking maybe to aim for 9 st but think it's just as it's the lowest on all the 'ideal weight range' charts now I'm thinking maybe mire like 10 I'm so not sure though it doesn't matter what size or weight I am I always feel really fat!!!
I'm between 5'6.5 and 5'7 and I looked pretty damn slim at 11 stone, I did once get down to 10.8 so my aim is to maintain at anything under 11 stone, even if it is 10.13 haha!

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I am 5ft 7 and my aim is 11 st 7lb to 12st. :D
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The lowest I have been is in the low 12's. Problem is my boobs dont shrink as I do. I would love to be 12st 7 by the time I go on holiday on 17th July, but have 11st 7 as my main focus for the next holiday in September. size wize i'd be happy at 12 on the bottom and 14 on top.


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I'm 5'7 and 12st 7lbs at the mo and I would like to be anywhere between 11st -10st 7lbs


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Oooh lots of us 5 foot 7 ers n ur all helping set a realistic target.... I'm coming to the conclusion 9 stone was some what ridiculous :)
Ooh 5'7 too. 12.7 at the moment and hoping to get to 10.7 and see what I feel/look like them. Might be totally unmanageable. My goal weight at the very start was 11st so will try and maintain below that v


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Think I'm setting mine for 10.7 so planning to do cd until close to 10 to account for the few lbs I gain when I start eating again!


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I've only just completed my first week so it seems an impossible task but I'm aiming for 11 stone as I'm 42 and have hit an early menopause so I reckon this would be easier to maintain that really skinny now that I'm officially past it! :cry:;)

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