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Alli Diary- Newbie


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Good Afternoon everyone!

I'm starting Alli on Sunday. Your probably thinking why Sunday. Well i'm going out Sat evening and even tho i plan to be good you just never know! ;)
From today, i've started to eat healithy and to monitor the amount of fat i take in each day.

I have a question tho....In the alli book it says according to my weight that I should be having 1800cal a day. Now is this set in stone or can i follow a 1200cal or 1400cal a day??

Look forward to meeting you all.
Please comment on my diary if you feel the need to guide to me or correct me as i'm new and its all abit alien to me lol

Soph x
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1 tea with s/s milk 29cal 0.5 fat
3 crumpets with butter 645 cal 14.4 fat Bloody hell!!
1 skinny latte 120cal
1 tea with s/s milk 29cal 0.5 fat
Chicken,mushroom and rice soup 255cal 10.0 fat
Cocopops bar 84cal and 2.5 fat
Total so far..1162cal. 27.9 fat.
Still got dinner to go...

Dinner- Chilli con carne with rice. 500cal. Not sure about the fat content as bf made it. Fruit salad 100cal

Drinks: Water with S/F Squash. Nescaffe mocha 92cal 2.6 fat
Exercise: None today apart from walking to and from work. 40mins.

Overall not a bad day. its hard to calculate the fat in everything. Does anyone else have this problem? x
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Go on smile! =)
Hello cheeky.

Nothing is set in stone although if you exercise dont forget to eat a few more calories, you don't want your body into starvation mode.

Exercise: None today apart from walking to and from work. 40mins.
40mins walking is a nice amount of exercise :p Remember gym isnt the only place to work out :D


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Walking is great exercise, one of the best, make sure you walk quickly and swing your arms. You'll look ridiculous but it will help you lose weight!
It frightens me when I look at the amount of fat in things I would just have stuffed in my mouth, particularly if you look at the percentage of daily intake. My Mum had cookies at her house yesterday and just one of them contained 20% of sat fat for a day. A fifth! They did look gorgeous but I managed to resist...


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the best thing i found was my fitness pal... it works out what you should have cal wise a day according to how much weight you want to lose per week and how active you are...
i think its great!!