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Extra Easy Alli???


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S: 20st1lb C: 16st7.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(17.62%)


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I tried it before I started SW and it made me feel awful. I had headaches, felt sick and had to take a day off work because I couldn't be away from the toilet to get the bus to work. I spent a lot on them but binned them straight away, it was about a week after that I felt ok again.
Not only are the horrible side effects very
undesirable, but there have been various people on here, myself included who have experienced slowed weight loss while following a very low fat diet and taking Orlistat. Not sure why that happens but once I came off it, losses speeded up again.

Personally, my opinion is that the benefits if there are any are outweighed by the negatives, so I wouldn't waste money on the OTC version. If a GP has prescribed it for you in combination with SW then feel free to give it a go - but don't be surprised if the losses stall because it does happen.


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Adios is good, or so i assume, my friend is taking adios while on her WW plan for the last 9 weeks, an has lost an average of 1/2 pounds extra per week, its 10 pound for 100 tablets, u take it with your meal up to 4 tablets a day, they are herbal. V good. im taking them now too. Have a read about them. Allie is similar to Orlistat (given on prescription bu the doctor) gets rid of excess fat in the body and comes out via the other end, however it comes out orange and stains everything its truly awful, i had them a few years ago an didnt take them again x


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S: 20st1lb C: 16st7.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(17.62%)
I wouldnt recommend Adios either its full of caffeine. I didnt sleep for weeks was up all night, bad headaches and heart palpatations !! But it probably wont affect everyone like it did me.
i tried adios when i last did sw and it didnt help at all other than give me head aches. however, my friend was taking it and she was fine but constantly needed a wee! lol
my OH's mate was in alli and he said that he was basically just passing oil! my OH said that when he used his mates loo there was oil stains! luckily they have a good relationship so there was no embarrassment for them but i would have been mortified if that was my loo. i think ill stay away from it after the horror stories on here.


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Lol phone call to DFS, "can you determine what the stain may be madam?" "Erm.....sh*t...." :D :D

Sorry! :)
Oh no don't apologise, its one of the funniest things that's ever happened to me! They tried to tell me that it was curry and i was like 'i can assure you its def not curry...'

Avoid it like the plague!!

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