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Hey Tinkerbell,

I have a friend who did it. She said in some ways it's good, because if you ever deviate from low calorie/low fat foods, it "punishes" you for it (meaning, you're on the loo for hours.) And she DID lose weight. BUT she quite quickly put all the weight back on. I think she found it quite an extreme way of doing things, to be honest. She hasn't gone back to it.


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hmm yes, think i might avoid. Im doing calorie counting as "extreme" diets have never worked for me, the just create a bingeing monster once i come off the diet. I think i need to deal with the food demons on the way


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Well don't binge if you are taking Alli. It really does make you pay for even a tiny amount of fat in your diet. My Grandma used them and regretted every minute. The great thing about ccing is that you aren't restricted, if you add the Alli tablets, you will be. :)