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I have switched from CD to WW. I did a grand total of 3 weeks on CD but have done 14 weeks on LL earlier in the year.

The last three weeks I hope will have helped me break from eating lots of really unhealthy food but I really want to try dieting while eating. I think it is going to take me a while to adjust in my head my goals and fully realise that the weight will come off much more slowly.

I thought I would start one of the diaries (I see a lot of them on the other diet threads). My sister suggested starting a blog of some sorts might help. Couldn’t think of anywhere better than Minimins.

I have been overweight (mostly obese) since I was 10. My first proper stab at a diet was when I was 15, I lost quite a lot but was still overweight. I felt great, started eating chocolate again….and put it all back on. I steadily gained more and more over the following two years and by the age of 18 I weighed somewhere over 19 stone. I’m not exactly sure how much I weighed as I tended to avoid scales – they only told me something I didn’t want to know.

The following year I moved away from home and walked about a bit more and dropped a dress size without trying (a first for me!). At about the age of 20 I dropped quite a few dress sizes and got down to about a size 16 – I still have some of clothes and hope to fit into them soon. I’m not really sure how it happened. Over the following two years I put all the weight back on and stabilized at about a size 24. At 23 I joined Weight Watchers with a friend and shed 3.5 stone (to a size 16-18) …and then put it back on again. Bit of a pattern here……

In March this year I discovered VLCDs. A series of incidents had finally persuaded me I needed to lose weight. LL was the first time I met other people who ate like me – as much as possible in one go and preferably crisps and chocolate.

I stuck to the 14 weeks and lost over 4 stone, getting in the 13s weight-wise. Afterwards I tried to go to WW but fell down on the moderation part and went back to my old habits. In November I realised I needed to lose at least the weight I had put on – walking/stairs were more difficult, my trousers were too tight and my pride hurt! I’d heard about CD and did three weeks on that, which got me back into my size 20 bottom halves. I'm now back on WW (my old friend!) and looking forward to eating again. What I must do this time is STICK to my points.

I may have an inital gain from switching from a VLCD. Am a bit nervous about that but am just hoping I can start losing again in the second week.

I have never been a healthy weight since I was 10 so am curious to see what I will look like - what shape will my face be? Am I apple or pear shaped (rather than blob-shaped)? :confused:

My ultimate goal is to reach 11 stone to 11 stone 7 - I need to stick to dieting, through the frustrations, blips, ups and downs (hopefully far more downs!) :)
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hey Ally - i wonder a lot of the same things - always was obese as a child all the way through school to college.. lost some then reached a point and started eating ridiculously again! Have you thought about trying Core? It allows you to eat a little more and really does help you realise where you snack as you can only snack on fruit and veg outside of your 3 meals a day. I've always been a snacker (although sometimes i do crave sweet things, i am much more likely to chow through a multipack of crisps!) but since doing a mix of Core and Points (few weeks on points, one on core for a change.. basically whenever I get bored.. i have found my snacking has lessened).

You've done WW before so you know it works.. this time we just need to realise what we didnt do last time so that we can keep it off :)

good luck anyway - i look forward to seeing how you do :) xxx


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Welcome back to WW. I hope this road will lead you to victory over your eating habits and finally your goal. You've done quiet well on LL, well done. Just stick to your points and introduce some exercise and you'll be fine. When low on points just fill up on zero pointed veggies and soups. Good luck


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Thank you! I've put some no point soup in the freezer.

Thanks for the advice about core - I have the odd time comig up when it won't be possible but I think it would be realy good for me to try out core. I have been to the supermarket tonight and bought lots of core food. I've been reading the 'discovery basics' thread and I think eating mostly core foods is going to have to be the long-term plan as they are much more filling per point.
Black widow - I've been reading your posts. After so long and not knowing anything else being obeses/diet feels normal. It will be strange watching that change.

Thanks guys for the posts. It's very odd to post a diary online - my friends don't know about this stuff!


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Welcome to the WW gang, dont worry about any small gain you might have, you'll shift it in no time :)

And its always great having another diary to read ;)


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totally agree with you on the strange having an online diary thing - my friends know I am following WW but my best friend is an extremely fussy eater - lives on maltesers, muller corners and coco pops.. anything sweet and sugary. Her daily portions are ridiculously small (dont have a clue how she does it) but still.. not great when you're trying to change your lifestyle when you see what other people are eating, and also trying to explain to some of them is ridiculous as there is always someone who goes down the "oh but you're lovely the way you are / are you sure you dont want chocolate? are you REALLY sure you dont want chocolate? go on.. have some chocolate - one piece wont hurt you!" route..

i love this forum - i know i would never have done as well as i have without it.. i hope you find it as invaluable!

as for the not knowing thing.. i really agree. Sometimes when I think about it it even scares me a little! But i also think that WW is the way to go.. if i can do it slowly I have plenty of time to get used to getting smaller and eating less.. so i think it'll be easier this way :)

if you find you have time to fit in a core week, let me know and I'll do one with you if you'd like the support :) x


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Hi AllyKat, just wanted to wish you the very best of luck on WW and the continuation of your weight loss journey. Just 5.5 lbs to get your BMI down to 30, when you will no longer be obese! That is a lovely goal to reach before Christmas and I know you will do it! Do pop on the hour by hour thread some days and let us know how you are doing.

PS my cat's called Ally! I named her after Ally McBeal, which was my favourite programme when I got her.


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welcome to ww
Dont worry about any small gain that will be off in no time.
Good luck xx


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welcome hunni, i swaped from cd to ww a couple of weeks ago, good luck hunni.xxxx


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Welcome Ally! So much of your story resembles mine! We can both do this. Nice to have you with us x


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Thanks everyone - its so lovely to feel welcome!

Thank you Frances - popping over. yes I would like to keep in touch with you guys over on hr by hr.

Susan - how are you finding WW so far?

Blackwidow - core together would be good one week! I know what you mean about watching other eating habits. I was offered chocolate cake last night. Luckily I didn't get the Mrs Doyle 'go on, go on, go on...' You have been doing so well though.

...Day 1 on WW proper.
I had my first meal last night when at a friend's. I had vegetarian lasagne and lettuce. My body seemed to cope ok withe pasta.
I mean to change the food I eat..instead of trying to see how much chocolate I can get in my daily points allowance. I've never eaten eggs before (unless they are in cakes) as I didn't like them. For breakfast I had an egg and piece of bread. It was very strange after not eating - I could feel it my stomach all morning. I've had some ham salad and thinking of banana and custard for tea.
If a few days the hunger will kick in I'm sure and I'll be up to normal points allowance.

I popped into Boots today and noticed old thoughts popping in automatically - oooh chocolate buttons, nice tortilla-wrapped sandwich. Yet I hadn't yet managed to finish my homemade lunch! Funny how the thoughts creeps in. Avoided acting on them today - victory number 1!

I feel good about the diet today - enthused about eating healthily, losing weight, being in control. Am trying to stop myself from trying to work out how long it will take to lose the weight - maybe for me this isn't so helpful.


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i've just realised how close you are to getting your BMI under 30 (thanks Frances :D) thats my next goal! I have a bit more to go though cause you're an inch higher than me haha!

did you like the egg and toast? i love eggs.. theyre one thing i cant botch up (unless its boiled eggs) so i eat a lot of them! :)

cant wait to see how you do :)


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Hi Ally

Welcome to minis - its lovely to have another new diary to read. Everyone is very supportive here and you have already done well on LL and CD.

Good luck



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Oh that's good Blackwidow - neither of us have too far to go for the magic under 30 BMI marker.
Yeah I tried to (hope I managed it right) to boil the egg and dipped the bread in it although it wasn't too runny so I spooned the egg on the bread.
Just had banna and custard for tea.


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if it wasnt too runny i think you're safe :D

what day are you weighing in? Or did i just miss that bit with my crazy reading? :p


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oh that's good! I haven't joined a class at the moment - don't want to deal with the coming-off-a-VLCD-questions. I will weigh myself again next Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. I'm recording evening weights (on my ticker) and morning, first thing weigh ins.


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that sounds mega confusing! I WI tuesday too though :D 10am every tuesday morning :) - i'm not at class / online either - too expensive and doing okay atm on my own :) should i get to a point that i need that extra push then I will go to class :) xxx


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AllyKat's diary: Weigh in times and I LOVE food!

Yeah, I might try and turn it into one weigh in after next week. I wanted to be sure I could tell if I as losing/gaining on the switch-over of diets. I gt weighed at 5:30pm in my old diet. First thing in the morning might be a more accurate week in week out weigh in (not due to clothes/food eaten/water drunk). Any thoughts?

I'm on my first 2nd full day and I am really loving food! So far today I've had egg and bread (trying to keep this as a regular breakfast as its quick, hot and filling), a mince pie, jacket potato, ham, baked beans and salad. I need to get some fruit and milk in later but I stil have 10 points to play with! I might also get a Boots shapers mint bar....Mm.....
I'm going to a friends for lasagne tomorrow night - guessing 13 points and to an evening craft night at Church where there will be mulled wine and mince pies!

Anyone know the points for mulled wine?

I am trying to 'manage my thoughts' in WW speak. I know the danger time for me is evening. Ooooohhhh a little bit of chocolate, oh that tasted good, oooooh a little more. I desrve it/want it/need it/stuff the diet/why should I diet anyway....
My strategies:
baths (possible to eat in baths but its not ideal:p)
No point soup on stand-by in the freezer
A little of what I fancy in the points
Catch the thoughts early and stop/distract/reason.

There is no-way I'm going to go through the whole WW journey (lifelong-change) without tripping up/dealing with sts and gain weeks.. cross those bridges when I reach them.