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  1. annie3138

    annie3138 Full Member

    Can I use almond milk in cruise?
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  3. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    I don't know about this one, surely it depends on the stats. Is it low in fat like skimmed milk. look at the carbs against a normal milk and see if that helps.
  4. GrumpyWino

    GrumpyWino Full Member

    What does it taste like? I have seen it for sale and wondered........
  5. annie3138

    annie3138 Full Member

    It is low fat, I.ll have to take a closer look at the carbs. My s in l went on a health kIck a while back and had this all the time, I have to say I didn't fancy it, but he made me a coffee with it and it was lovely. Slightly almondy but not overpowering x
  6. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

  7. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Ooo nice one P...thanks. Now where do i buy it from LOL
  8. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Does sound delicious; I'll look out for some when I'm in town today and report back!! :D

    P x
  9. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    £3.55 a litre in Holland and Barrett. Three pounds, fifty five!! Bl**dy outrageous.

    Found this for a quid in Asda (lower fat than the H&B offering too) :D

    P x

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  10. annie3138

    annie3138 Full Member

  11. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Ooo will have to look out for it in asda then, Pauline where abouts in asda was it. I'm assuming its with other UHT Milks x
  12. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

  13. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Silver Member

    Blue Diamond almonds are amazing! Shame u lot cant eat them on plan :p
  14. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Yes K, with the soya and rice milks.

    P x
  15. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    You can buy them in any big brand supermarket and usually in both the fresh and UHT milk aisles :)
  16. annie3138

    annie3138 Full Member

    Cor that sounds good
  17. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Thanks, I'll look out for it next shopping trip.
  18. willbefabulousat26

    willbefabulousat26 Likes to Dukan

    If you can get your hands on the latest Tesco magazine there are vouchers in it for Alpro including 80p off a carton of fresh almond milk.

    I've been drinking it for a while now. It's delicious!
  19. annie3138

    annie3138 Full Member

    Cool thank you I.ll take a trip there today
  20. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    I managed to get some almond milk in Asda, thou there was a bit of confusion to start with. The fresh was reduced to £1, but when i saw the UHT one it said £1.69. There was a lady in that aisle so I asked her why it was different prices, as the cartons were identical. Seems that someone had put UHT in the fridge and so it was the wrong one. Thankfully they did have the right one. Very yummy, had it in my porridge today, i'm positive it was actually creamier too.

    Went into Morrisons for my quark today and they have got the UHT on 3 for £3. And they have hazelnut too. Fat content is something like 1.7g. So still under the 2%. Can't wait to try it as hazelnut is one of my favorites. Am seriously considering using one of the cartons to make some it will already be preflavored. Could be very yummy
  21. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Are you all losing weight satisfactorily since having your almond milk? Just that I saw on a French forum that it is banned from the Dukan diet (is obviously made with almonds, is too fatty and doesn't contain enough protein).

    We say here, while losing go ahead... but worth keeping an eye on.
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