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almost ate out for the first time today...

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Walked into a pub /restaurant with hubby at lunchtime in town today..

the smells were gorgeous I've got to admit!! But the main thing I could smell was salad!! lol I really wanted one.. but when I looked they were charging £7 for a salad with chicken or Fish.. no veggie option at all! :rolleyes: Hubby really praised me when we sat down.. me with my water.. at how well I'm doing :) I was chuffed of course, and again when a nan at the school gates noticed how much weight I've lost and passed comment!! :D

Been a great day!! :D
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congrats on not giving in you should be proud! Isnt it funny how we begin to crave the healthy options if only it was like that before we wouldnt be here now but hey we are and your doing billiantly keep up the hard work! x


Stubborn tortoise
Barnsie, you are right about the weird healthy cravings... I craved tomatoes for weeks!!! If I could keep that up instead of craving sugar & chocolate I'd be very happy!

Purple, well done for resisting!!!


can see the end in sight!
congrats on resisting! it is hard, and you do get cravings for the strangest things. i was in the pub on sunday sipping on soda water, wasn't tempted by beers or anything but then the landlord bought out some mucky fat sandwiches and other stuff. i would never have fancied the sandwiches before i was on this diet...but i couldnt think of anything more delicious when i was sitting there! but mucky fat sandwiches aren't exactly the healthy option.


Winning a losing battle!
Well done for resisting!! It's a lovely feeling when you get praise from your hubby for how well you're doing isn't it?!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
thanks all :) Was super proud, but also that I COULD have controlled myself even if I'd eaten there :) that would never have happened before.. i'd have only been happy with the biggest calorie intake possible! lol pudding and all ;)

All i've go to do is manage this after CD!!
Well done to you for not giving in and for your great loss to date. I know how you must have felt. Husband and I travelled all the way to Buxton tonight to the theatre (1hr journey) and all the restaurants were lit up in the dark full of people eating. We don't go out that often and normally a trip out would include a nice meal, but we didn't even go in the bar. It was a case of in, out, and straight home. I feel good about it now, but earlier on I felt a bit deprived.


Stubborn tortoise
Way to go, Julie. It's about changing the way you think so that a meal doesn't HAVE to be part of a great night out, and you've got off to a great start. Good luck with your weight-in... as someone once quoted on minis, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!!!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done Julie! :) Hope you enjoyed the theatre, and the guilt free return home :D.
Weigh in day will bring a reward for your efforts i'm sure! :D

What did you see at the theatre? It's ages since I've been but always enjoy a good show. :)

Red Mich

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Sorry to be such a southerner, eyeontheprize, but what the heck is a 'mucky fat sandwich'??

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I don't know either but it sounded disgusting so I didn't want to ask!! lol I assumed corned beef or something equally as gross. lol


Stubborn tortoise
Made me think of bread and dripping (like cold pork fat, all grainy & gritty). But don't think people have that any more!!! Let's hope not!

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