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Almost first day over - v happy!

Would love every day to go like this! Me and the OH have just had our last meal of the day and haven't been hungry at all. The real surprise is how much we liked everything. Got the variety bumper pack so wanted to sample as much variety as possible. Breakfast me banana and him vanilla - loved them both. Lunch me chicken and him mushroom - liked mine too much I think:D Supper both of us the chocolate orange bar - favourite of the day.
Cant believe that going from what we were eating - everything and everything, to what we've had today hasn't been hell.
So happy - hope we keep it up.:D:D
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Hey Sheena
Great start! I was pleasantly surprised by most of the packs too... tomato is a different story but I'm getting used to it!
Be warned you'll probably have a couple of days of not feeling great, but once you're through that it's all good!
Enjoy trying the other packs - great that the two of you are doing it as you might have different favourites!


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hi hun, glad yr liking the shakes( i hate the tomatoe n basil) makes me gip seriously that is one soup i find horrendous lol! yeh yr first few days may be tough but im on the 7th day and dont crave food,i managed a 7 mile walk yesterday! so my energy levels are coming bk!:D belive me it gts easier, ive been weighing in daily for my first week just to keep me motivated! good luck on yr weight loss journey- were all in it together
laura xx
Still loving all of the shakes/soups and especially the bars! Which leads me to a confession.... I had an extra bar yesterday:(
I really battled with my demons and felt pretty dodgy - spaced out, very cold and couldn't concentrate, so, I had cleared out the house of anything remotely edible other than some wafers and crackers. Wish I had left some cucumber or chicken in the fridge - just in case. However, I didn't and rather than 'carb-out' I had another bar. Not beating myself up though, this is a long term thing, and if that's what it takes now and again to stop me from being the food addict I was - I'll live with that.
Going to get some cucumber and celery and stick it in the fridge today though:cool:


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Sorry was just offering support and advice I had been given didn't even look at which forum I was in! I'll delate my comment
Sorry. Didn't know if I had posted it in the total or main Exante sections.
I'm new here Starlight, and feel pretty rubbish with the response. I've been looking at your profile with a great amount of admiration and respect, which is a shame, because I did pick up some sarcasm with your response to moving the thread. A 'sorry, had to move due to food references' would, in my opinion have translated into a much more supportive but necessary response.
Thank you to those who responded with supporting suggestions, however, I may just g back to lurking like I have for many years now - really don't want to mess up again and feel chastised.
Sorry if it did but I'm the one who gets all the complaints when people post in the wrong section

I even posted a thread yesterday asking people to please remember no food references. Yet since that was posted several other threads have had them and again I'm the one who gets all the complaints. It's slightly frustrating when you do ask people time and time again to please respect one of the rules to see it not happening.

There's no need for you to go back to lurking.


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Hmm, starlight in a forum police uniform ;)
After that - I think there is:)
We all have to learn some time Starlight, but shouting a response 'ANOTHER' post moved because of food references is hardly welcoming any newcomers with open arms - added to that, your less than understanding response!!!
I did make the mistake of mentioning cucumber and celery - neither of which will kick anyone out of ketosis unless consumed in huge quantities - neither (and I have a considerable bank of knowledge on this one) will it add all but a very few calories.
However, if those are the forum rules, then I screwed up - a rookie mistake. However, you, as a forum moderator should, in my opinion have tempered your response to my thread. Shouting is never very welcoming and socially acceptable.
I have been a member of many forums and have a very busy online profile due to my work and media involvement, and so far, have never had a forum argument or felt so uncomfortable.
Such a shame - there seems to be some lovely supportive people on here.


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Don't worry about it, that's why moderators can move posts, no black books to go into (hehe :D) and no grudges held. :)
I mentioned half and banana or apple for instant energy pick up following advice from my CDC following me having a panic attack brought on my migraine and diet!!! I didn't mean to mention food but again new to exante last week and only really just started using the forum properly. I'm going to keep my mouth shut from now on! Good luck with the diet lovely and fingers crossed your in ketosis soon. Xxxx


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Don't keep your mouth shut, that's one of the reasons why these forums are so supportive and helpful.

Everyone's input is welcome!!


Are there many people complaining starlight ? Just curious as while I am aware we are trying to TS in the big bad world out there kids eat and partners eat and occasionally folk slip up . Maybe we could let us deal with all these issues on the TS forum ( cos looks like the majority of us do have to deal with said kids / slip ups / daft queries and maybe for those people who are able to live in a vacuum ( lucky them!) a new sub forum is started eg the food free zone .?

I suspect most folk actually want food to be out in the open as they deal with it ?

Just a thought and obviously appreciate your difficult task x
I've asked pierce to rename the TS to bring it in line with the other VLCDs and make it clearer it's for 100%. I think at the moment, despite the blurb it's not clear enough what it's about

The idea behind the 100% forums is a lot of people really do struggle and it means posting in there means you're not going to read about food at all - sort of a safe haven

The general forum (this one) is basically a free for all. You can post about any aspect of the diet. Mention any issues/food etc and it's not a problem

There aren't a huge number of people who complain (not compared to other areas where even a whisper of lettuce has people hitting the report button) but we have to respect the fact people do need the 100% section for what it is

I'm hoping a renaming might help. I know at times I seem a right PITA but at times I really am caught between a rock and a hard place

Oh I just noticed it's been renamed lol

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