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Alternatives to turkey?

I find turkey a reasonably bland bird - does anyone else try any of the alternatives?

I know as a birdwatcher there are many alternatives out there - even as a birder, I have no problem eating birds and no qualm justifying it with my hobby:cool:

Anyone out there have any of the other "game" birds such as pheasant, partridge, quail, woodcock or even goose, duck etc.

Not exactly traditional, but certainly tasty:)
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
We normally have duck every year but decided to just have turkey again this year. We have goose new years day at my mums.

Both are really lovely X
Lol Allie - I forgot chicken - simply because I have so much of it I regard it as part of my five-a-day.

I suppose I could have added pigeon too.

Seems we're all still a nation of turkey lovers in the main when it comes to birds.
Goose is in actual fact a very traditional choice for English Christmas day (think it was what Scrooge asked for at the end of A Christmas Carol)

There was a tv prog about it the other night - Turkey is non native to the UK and was bought over by the Americans, and is a comparitively recent tradition - though I guess you could argue, that in the scheme of things, celebrating Christmas the way we do is relatively recent (lots of traditions, cards, trees etc I think only came about in Victorian times)

In terms of Slimming World though - goose is a bad choice - very fatty.

There's only four of us this year, so I'm just going with a turkey crown - none of us are fussed on legs, wings etc, and its a darn sight easier to carve and fit in the oven!
I think turkey is very bland too, I've had capon a few times. By far the best poultry i've ever had. Duck was nice but very small and expensive, not suitable for a larger family unless buying 2 or 3 of them.

Having beef this Christmas with lamb on New Year. Its the trimmings that make it a Christmas dinner not the joint itself in my opinion.
We have beef on Christmas Day, my OH dislikes turkey so I only cook a small bit to have cold on Boxing Day with a baked ham and pork loin.
You know if you cook the turkey upside down for most of the cooking time it stops the breast meat drying out so much. Just turn it over about half an hour from the end of cooking to brown the skin.
what about pigeon?
one each..
Would have to be 4 each if we're talking breasts.

Funny thing is although I'm not a fan of turkey, I did a crown this year (already sampled it!) and it is very agreeable.

Primarily with loads of veg and SW-style roasties the meat will be the main part of the meal. In previous years it would have been buttery mash, gallons of gravy and yorkshires etc.

All topped off with a 5 mile walk as I'm feeling full of cold and need to get wrapped up and out into the fresh air!

Hope everyone enjoys their meat-fest today - whatever they are having. Apart from our vegetarian friends of course!

Merry Christmas everyone.

well today was meat overload..
pork, turkey, beef and gammon.....

could have done with a bit more veg and a bit less meat to be proper SW, but I enjoyed every bite of it just the same... :)........ ... ..

...and then my resolve to be on plan all day went for a walk.. I had a mince pie and 3 after eights .... :(
Lol - Well done Col (I keep thinking of you as Captain Jack - must be a Pirates thing). - in the general scheme of things you did really well. Congratulations on not denying yourself anything too.

Hope you enjoyed it all - that's the main thing!

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