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Alton Towers & food!


I'm going to Alton Towers tomorrow for the day - and to see Pink in concert at night, so gonna be out of the house all day!

Anyone who has been lately - is it still SW unfriendly (I haven't been for years!) - and would I be better off taking my own food with me? I would normally have a 'day off' - but I've just had lots of them on holiday!!!
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We are going to that tomorrow too. I also read the concert info on the site and it says you cant take food into the concert venue, but you can buy stuff inside, so we are planning to eat before we go into the venue (I think the entrance is by the park gates, so you have to go in there separate from the park.) Taking my own food because there is no way of knowing how SW friendly its going to be.

If you see a red haired woman in a red stripy top being forcibly wrestled away from the donut stalls, that will be me!! :D
Ha ha!! I might be the one wrestling you to get to the front!!!

Yeah I saw you can't take food in - its gonna be a long day, so I'll take some easy nibbly stuff with me - cous cous or pasta, hard boiled eggs etc.

My mate is one of those evil people who can eat and not put on weight! Guarantee I put on on holiday and she didn't, even though we ate the same!!!!

Hope its a nice day tomorrow!!!!!!!
in the castle where the knights kingdom is this rotisserie chicken place, i had that and salad (minus the skin) was lovely......
there is a jacket potatoe stand near nemisis... hidden amoungst the hotdogs etc..

but other than that im afriad not, unless you can be very well prepared and take it all with youxx
That's so weird, I came on to ask this very same question, as I'm going there to see Pink tomorrow too!!! :D

The bbq place near Nemesis does loads of meat-related things and jacket potatoes, but with the meat, I'd have no idea of the syns, I'm sure it'll be high.

We're actually having lunch at the hotel so no idea what meals they do there, hoping they do simple jacket potatoes or something.

I'll probably still end up eating a load of crap, but I'm convinving myself it'll be okay with the amount of walking I'll be doing. :rolleyes:

Hmmm - decisions!! I think I'll take some stuff with me (not too much as I'll have to carry it around!!) just to be on the safe side. If it's gonna be this warm, I won't want to eat much anyway (possibly!).

Fern - I will nearly wet myself on ALL the rides!! hahaha!! On the other hand, I go karted down a mountain in New Zealand a couple of years ago, so they can't be any worse??? :eek: Have done Rita and Oblivion before - that's it!

I forget about how much walking will be done as well!!

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