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Am BACK, but have Questions xx


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*** Re-posting on this forum as 17 views on other but no-one has replied...? ***

Great! That got your attention :)

Having researched prior to, I have started back on the Cambridge Diet today and I am SS.

I researched as I am still breastfeeding and my Daughter is 9 weeks old. Please I am not after a lecture or I shouldnt be doing this that or the other :)

What Iwould like to know please, is, having had a VERY quick scan on other posts, things have changed since I stopped CD in July 2007. SS+ (Sole Source Plus??!)

I have 4 weeks in-date supply of diet so will not be seeing a CDC for at least the next 3 weeks.

Is there anything I need bringing up to speed on in the interim please?

Regarding those who I know will post the official guidelines etc... you are advised not to SS whilst breastfeeding purely due to the extra calorific intake BR mothers use. My daughter is BF, both on the breast and bottle fed expressed milk and has 1 formula bottle thrown in too. I am not stupid and if I find it does effect either one of us then naturally I will re-assess the situation. However the situation of me being very agitated at the 3 stone pregancy gain is not making me a happy person, which is detrimental to all around me.

I will be sensible xx
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I know you didn't ask for a lecture but are you sure about doing this? I don't have children but I can imagine producing enough milk to feed a child on 600 calories a day isn't ideal for you. Please can you talk to a DR or CDC or somone who knows what you need nutritionally. Do you really think its wise to risk your child's or your own health for the sake of a three stone?
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I have too 100% agree with Chika. Surely you wouldn't want to do anything that could pottentially risk your daughter's health. Guidelines are there for a reason....


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Having breastfed three babies, I would seriously advise you not to sole source whilst breastfeeding, rules are there for a reason, it would be dangerous for you and have a big effect on your milk supply.
Why not try one of the other plans that are safer, and wont effect the production of milk.
Sole source plus wouldn't be advisable either, it involves having 4 shakes, or three shakes and 200mls of skimmed milk, still not enough to promote a good milk supply.

Sorry but I can imagine you will get quite a bit of lecturing about this subject.
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I am ttc and I was told if I got pregnant I would have to come off CD (not just SS) straight away, and that I wouldnt be able to go back on it if bf'ing. I personally would wait until you are finished bf'ing to go back on it. There are other options for you, WW will allow you to join, but you take on an extra 10 pts while bf'ing....


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You will lose the weight through breastfeeding - I did and got to my lowest weight ever. Please don't SS whilst breastfeeding, it's not worth the affects on your baby and you. Please, please reconsider...


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I think SW let you join too, it's a start and better than nothing.
I can understand how unhappy you feel carrying that excess weight :hug99: but you would feel much more unhappy if you made yourself and/or your baby poorly. You need lots of energy to bf and to look after a baby.

What about low GI or Slimming World or Weight Watchers in the meantime with a view to doing SS once you have finished bf ?


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Ah, the lectures I was so desperate to avoid :)

I fully appreciate what you are ALL saying, truly and honestly I do. And I will listen.

However. Having researched the ONLY advice as to why the guidlines state no SS whilst breastfeeding is the extra calories needed. No where does it state I would be putting my baby at risk... of course I wouldnt do that! How could all that concentrated nutrician be so?

If anyone can point me in a direction where it states otherwise I would appreciate it please SO I can be in full possession of any facts :)

I was still SS when I found out I was pregnant (obviously didnt know at the time) and only came off as I couldnt stomach anything, and then I just HAD to have a cheese sandwhich (!)

When I told my CDC I was pregnant she was quite happy for me to carry on with a 2 packs a day for nutrional value and a low fat meal... would this be acceptable? Naturally I wont be in Ketosis but still on a sustainable low calorie road..

And as a final point, please all DO be careful. The CD does things to your fertility :)


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Totally agree with Chika and everyone else who has posted so far. No one can condone what you are doing ... so doubt you'll get agreement with your decision. I did read your previous post - but decided not to reply, because you have obviously decided to do CD anyway .. even though it contravenes CD guidelines. You are only getting enough calories for yourself .... breast feeding women need an extra 300/500 cals per day.

Congratulations on Marleys birth - how long do you plan to feed her??
Why not wait until you have finished breastfeeding? I think the low calories would actually affect you milk supply as well, it would probably dry up and you would have to resort to formula. So if you are so desperate to get back on CD perhaps switch to formula now.
Also are you going to lie to your CDC when your packs have run out, as it's unlikely that she would sell them to you if she knew you were breastfeeding.

Why not eat healthily to shed some extra pounds, you'd have to stick to healthy eating after CD to maintain, so it would give you some practice.



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Just my opinion, but you sound determined to do the diet no matter what other say so heres what I think. Maybe it would be better to do the two shakes and a regular meal at night time.....maybe have 1000cals a day! This would be far better then SSing. I think you are very brave to even think of doing this. When I had my daughter and was breastfeeding I was tired all the time and needed the extra calories to get me through.
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hey, i know your saying cd advices not to ss when breast feeding, its because it is dangerous as your baby wont be getting the propper nutrition! you need an extra 500 cals a day when your breast feeding! and ww extra points etc...

i advice seriously against it! if you want to go back on ss then i would give your baby just formula, or try another diet! just to little calories on ss and what we have in us will be transferred to the baby.


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Hey hun - your obviously raring to get back into shape which I can appreciate and whilst it may have no immediate effect on your baby - it may well have a damaging one on you. Then if you are unwell or under-nourished you could pass out or become ill, low iron etc etc.... I'm not telling you to eat for 2 whilst feeding your baby and I expect there a a number of options available for you to follow whilst breast-feeding... Other than that stop feeding and start on the bottle if you think bubba will be ok... I only breastfed my daughter til she was 6 wks and son 12 wks and he has more flippin food allergies than most kids!

Good luck hun - make the right choice for you and your baby.... Sorry about the lecture but unfortunately its a rather controversial subject I guess.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Congratulations on the birth of your baby! :D

I am not gonna lecture you, but tell you a story.

I turned a BF mother away recently. She has been extended BFeeding and her son is now 2.

She wants to lose the weight she has been carrying since her pregnancy like you. She has already lost a significant amount by breastfeeding.

I asked her which was the most beneficial. Breastfeeding her son and having a happy toddler or losing weight. Its a tricky question I know. Theres no right or wrong answer. She chose to carry on breastfeeding because she didn't want to take it away. Her choice.

She is going to wait till she finishes BF then come back and lose the rest of her weight.

Enjoy your baby. Worry about CD later. She won't be this little for long, its gone in a flash.
If you choose to go onto SS while BF then no poster on a forum without conclusive evidence of why not is going to stop you.

Congratulations again X


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What have you decided to do then? :)


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Just something I remember reading when I was breastfeeding my daughter is that if you don't get all the calories you need whilst breastfeeding it can affect your health in the long term, I think it's your bones it causes problems with and it doesn't sound like much fun!

How about, like the others have said, try to eat healthily! As someone who has done CD once and lost 4 stone and then piled it back on I can honestly say the maintenance is soo much harder than the diet! if you're determined to do this, then do it backwards! start with maintenance.. learn about all the healthy stuff you can eat now, cook healthy meals and practise! then, when finished bf start SS if you need to, and you'll have the hard part (maintenance) cracked too!
I am presuming you are in the UK and I don't know what the story is there with newborns, but when I had my two daughters, the babies weight is regularly checked by the local public health nurses (Ireland). I cannot imagine any newborn baby will gain weight whilst their mother is on VLCD which I can guarantee would raise an eyebrow or two.

When you go into ketosis, my laymans understanding is that your body turns to your fat stores for its much needed energy supply, where would the baby get the energy/calories from?

I just couldnt look at your message and not post.. there is no way I would take the chance. Surely you could wait a little longer?

Slightly O/T.. I think the media is putting women under immense pressure to be thin in the blink of an eye after giving birth.
What have you decided to do then? :)
Well............ and never let it be said I never listen, I have decided the following.

Going to have a shake for breakfast, fruit for lunch and low fat for tea.

In frank honesty, I was a bit taken aback at the replies, it is nice so many did 'lecture', guess I did need it, however by the time i'd spoken to hubby (who was against me ss'ing!) I hadnt had any lunch, just plenty of fluids.

I have had a green & white tea (grilled white fish and small bowl of green salad) followed by banana and a low fat yogurt (for the calcium mentioned)

Going to carry on and see how it goes, and as someone said, do it in reverse and then go back to pure SS in a month or two's time when Marley starts her solids or weans off the breastmilk.

I assume the above is ok? To be fair the shake will help me get some essential nutrients probably lacking now.

I do appreciate the time you each took to, in fairness, make me see sense. Guess I am in panic mode, thought the BF would ping me back to pre-pregnancy in a few days after birth!! That would be a no then! However my goal is to loose weight prior to my Nov '08 trip to the States. Refuse to spend that much again and have the holiday ruined for fear of not fitting in seats and depriving myself.


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