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    I have been on CD for 4 weeks now, and have lost 17lb on this diet and 10lb before that on other diets, I didn't buy any new clothes for ages, but a few weeks ago was thrilled to fit into size 14 and 16 jeans, was previously a size 20 and feltI was getting somewhere. My jeans were not too tight and my fat around my stomach did not bulge over the top (I have had 10 children so have quite an excess of fat and skin around my stomach area), this week, my size doesn't seem to be going down and my excess fat seems to be bulging over the top of my jeans which it didn't before, I must admit my fat does feel squigier (not a word I know), but I am just feeling so fat.... my weightloss has also slowed down and all this combined is making me feel very down.... went to buy some clothes today to cheer myself up, but didn't like my fat stomach so ended up with nothing... can someone please come along and lift my spirits... thank you.
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    Exante + Protein + Weights!
    It can be disheartening, but look how much you've lost so far! You've done brilliantly. Sadly weight loss can slow down, but a lot of the time you then have a big loss.

    It's always exciting going to buy new clothes when you've lost some weight. Sometimes when you get there though you end up feeling disappointed because you're still not where you want to be.

    Don't focus on the negatives though, focus on the positives. You would have had to go for bigger sizes if you hadn't done so well.

    The fat WILL go, you just need to carry on doing what you're doing. Instead of thinking about how fed up you are at the moment, think about how well you've done and how much closer you are to your goal.

    Failing that...have a nice bath, read a good book, talk to a friend, do something to cheer you up a little. Then maybe get an early night and you'll feel better in the morning.

    I've lost over a stone now, but still hate clothes shopping - so I've vowed not to go unless a) essential b) at goal

    take care of yourself, you're nearly there x
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    Greeneyes - I have a three minute project for you

    Go to UTube.

    Search for any ridiculous song from the 80s or 90s.. (I chose hey mickey by tony basil... but choose any song in the world that is:
    a) ridiculous
    b)you can dance to, and
    c)you're ashamed to admit it, but you actually quite like! :D

    Play the video and dance around the room to it for at least 1 minute, if not the whole song :) (I know you want to hehe)

    Then come back on here, feeling fresh, and we can get things into perspective without you beating yourself up! :D

    Right - GO!!!!!! :D


    (ps, I wont make you tell us which song you chose - I promise!! :p Haha)
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    I think that this is a difficult stage in the diet, the first few weeks you have dramatic losses where you see the differences in the mirror and clothes feel immediately looser, then the changes seem less dramatic and nothing much seems to be happening for all the effort.
    I have just got into a pair of jeans that were so tight i couldnt wear them and yet with my clothes off I see no difference and its really disheartening.

    Have you got and pics taken from day 1 or before? if so take some more now and compare them!

    You will probably all of a sudden see a big change again in the next week or so, so just keep up the good work... you are doing great and your losses inspirational.

    btw my fat seems squidgy all of a sudden too.... i think it feels like the fat cells are just not bulging full anymore!

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    Cambridge Diet
    Just wanted to say well done your doing fab..
    The weight will still come off our bodies work in different ways.. Is it near your totm or anything. My stomach always feels more bloated around that time..
    I take my hat of to you for having 10 children.. WOW ... what are there age ranges...
    Keep your chin up it will come off.. x
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    Bouncing back to Slimming World
    Enough thats sooooo funny, but very good advice xx
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