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Am getting disheartened

I am now in day 10, and have stayed the same since Monday!! 16:6!!

Could it be water retention?
Should I take some tablets?
Could it be a build up in my bowels weighin me down lol?

Yesterday I had 5litres, Monday I had 3!

I was hoping I would have been in the 15s by now.

Totm finished Sunday/Monday could this be a factor??
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This is why you wouldn't weigh yourself everyday (I do though and also panic frequently). It could be any of the reasons you gave, but I don't think you need to intervene yet as long so your comfortable. Some people take cd fibre which seems to help with the toilet issues. I bet you still have a good loss come Wi, have faith, stick to the plan and the scales will lower...defo x
Could be all of the above. Have you checked your inch loss? Like so many other posts tell us, don't go too much by your own scales as your CDCs ones may be several pounds different. Remember that weighing at different times of the day will make a difference too.
I got up to the loo at 4.22 this morning, weighed myself (?!) and was a lb lighter when I got up for a shower a 7am!
Keep drinking the water and if you're sticking to plan it will definitely work.

M x
I do that sometimes molly but I've got really funny tiny digital travel scales and find it hard to balance in them when I'm basically still asleep x lol
I have to weigh myself everywk, I don't see my CDC (my mum) she doesn't live near I only get to see her every few wks, so I weigh myself & ring her.

I will keep on track until mon (wi) then if nothing has dropped I think I am going to have to look at getting some tablets.

Measurements I haven't actually taken, I know I should and I will tonight.


this time - the last time
Keep everything in context. Monday was 2 days ago! I often plateau for 4 or 5 days, but then a swoosh cones along!
I weigh daily like you - but only mentally record my loss once a week. But if you're going to start fretting - just WI once a week.
For example - my weight went up today - if you couldn't handle that - don't look everyday!

Don't use the scales as your deciding measure of success. Set yourself a time goal - and ensure you stick to it. If the losses aren't what you want by Monday - it doesn't mean the diet isn't working! So don't let yourself use this as a reason to stop. If you stuck to it 100% it will work. Overtime you will lose weight (its just the pattern of your weightloss won't be a nice straight line! Nor will it hit all your expectations on deadline)


this time - the last time
Keighleyjo2010 said:
I'm not going to give up again. I will keep going

I started at 16st 6 and although I'm only just past halfway on my journey - I feel so much better. Honestly its really worth it!

Although the scales are important, set yourself some order targets (time, clothes, small hurdles) so you always feel like you are achieving things!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
I never lose any weight until the last couple of days my weight goes up and down to the same i weighed on the monday then suddenly it goes down x
I know what you mean, I so want at least another stone of by 11 November, but the way things are going 2,3 and 1lb off its never gonna happen!! :(
Keighley it has been the same for me this week. I lost 10lb last week and now since Monday i have lost 2lb. We have to remember that it is slowing down now but regardless of what the scales say each week, we should still lose roughly 14lb a month. Glad you got your pound today:D:D:D
Been mega busy at work, I've only just had my first shake :( I'm marving!!! Had 1litre aswell. Yesterday I think I had about 6!!!

I am starting my wii exercises next week, I've made up a little routine of boxing on my wii fit, burns around 250cals each session.

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