Am I a failure for giving up on Cambridge?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by peachy1982, 24 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. peachy1982

    peachy1982 Silver Member

    common sense, everything in moderation
    Hi all,
    I have been on and off the Cambridge diet since April last year.
    I have managed to lose just shy of 4 stone in that time, but since January I have been playing the diet game and i lose and put on the same few pounds every week. So I am the same weight today that I was in the middle of January. This has made me a bit depressed but I have made the decision to stop Cambridge and spend my money on healthy foods and exercise instead but does this make me a failure?
    I am 100% determined not to put the weight back on but want to achieve my last bit of weight loss the right way.
    Am off to see my cdc today and have a chat but think she wil be upset with me.
    What has also made the decision for me is thinking that since January I have "wasted" £500 on Cambridge but not followed it properly.

    Please give me some words of wisdom

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  3. Hedgemag

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    You have to do what is right for you. You are by no means a failure, to fail is to give up completely and you are not. Eating healthily and excercise will work and I wish you luck.
    Your CDC will not be upset with you we are here to support you in whatever you choose to do. So dont worry about telling her your desision.

    You can keep posting and let us know how it is going

  4. FunellaFox

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    No hun, you're not! even though its easy to think that. Look at what you've lost to date - thats not a sign of failing is it???

    I just created a new thread cos i'm losing motivation and need the support of my CD family. So its good that you came on her to ask and we're here to help not chastise you :)
  5. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Hi Clare,

    I don't think you need words of wisdom. You seem wise enough all by yourself. I think you've made a great decision ... which is not only sensible but brave.

    Please keep posting on Minimins ... I'm sure others would be interested in your progress as there are plenty of folks here who will be taking a similar approach to yours.

  6. Miss_Rooster

    Miss_Rooster Full Member

    Nobody is a failure for trying new diets.
    Personally for me I decided to stop Cambridge (first time around) because I was spending money but could not keep my head on it. I stopped and thought like you that I would go healthy eating and exercise. I tried Slim fast and that didn't work. I tried weight watchers and lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks but the loss was not quick enough for me and I went back to bad habits. I need quick results to keep me going.
    In November my ex boyfriend was a swine to me and since I knew I was seeing him a year later at a friends do - I made the decision to change my life. I had the goal in mind that I would wow him and my friends at that do and set the date as January 2nd to start.
    All that has changed now is that my goal is no longer to impress my ex - it's now to be thin and healthy. I am enjoying the changes in my life because of my weight loss but the fact of the matter is that it was the right time for me mentally. I am someone who can easily go off a diet if i'm not in the right frame of mind. It's also about educating myself that food is not my life or the thing I am dependent on in a time of need.
    I feel your pain I really do - but like I say to people something has to click in your mind and then you know you're ready.
    I really hope which ever route you take will be a success. You have already had an amazing loss and you must not look past that!
    If in a few months you feel stronger, determined and have a big goal in mind, then don't feel embarrassed or bad about coming back to this diet or trying something new.
    Good luck hun. Hope I have made sense lol xxxx
  7. peachy1982

    peachy1982 Silver Member

    common sense, everything in moderation
    It may be that I need to give Cambridge this break and maybe come back to it when my head is ready for it.
    But for now, I want to socialise and make decisions to eat healthily. I need to educate myself about what works for me - that food is fuel rather than something I want. I want to get my nutrients from fresh fruit and veg. Want to rediscover cooking. Exercise and see the results of weight coming off and my body becoming something to be proud of.
    I will keep you all updated on this
    Thanks so much for your posts
  8. Yuna

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    You're definitely not a quitter peachy!! It would be so easy to just say f**k it and return to bad habits but your not doing that. You have made a difficult descision by ending CD but you are not quitting, you sound determined to lose the last of the weight and I wish you the best of luck, but I don't think you'll need it :)

    Keep posting, please and let us know how you are finding it and as everyone has said already if you get your head in a 'CD' place you can always go back on one of the plans.

    And, CONGRATS on losing 4 Stone!!!! That is excellent, well done and don't forget to keeping congratulating yourself for it!! Don't let the fact that your not a goal overshadow that amazing achievement.
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