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Am I a freak?


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I don't miss choccie nor crisps. Sometimes, when I see He Who Thinks He's Boss tuck into a gooey Danish pastry, I get a little pang, but on the whole not even that much.

But I miss bread - fresh, hot, crusty loaves - like it's going out of business.
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Nope. I don't miss crisps or choccies (but then I make a batch of ferrero's for the fridge). OH misses crisps. She was drooling all over the kids bags when the shopping came yesterday. I don't really miss bread that much. I'm full all the time off other stuff for it to bother me much.


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I miss white bread, cut from an unsliced loaf, toasted with butter & marmite on it, I last had this on Christmas day as my treat, I don't have bread at all because I just eat too much of it - so no I don't think you are a freak at all.


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I don't miss anything at all. IF hubby is eating something I fancy I take a bite/handful, and am satisfied...whereas in the past I would have eaten the same amount as him. When I DO have a bite of chocolate, or buttery toast, I savour it. It tastes so much better, cos I might not have had it for weeks/months, yet that one mouthful is plenty.
On the other hand, I now crave & pig out on cold quorn sausages, boiled eggs with balsamic vinegar, and frozen grapes! Gotta love SW! lol


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Oh I miss toast so much - for me too its the only thing I really crave - thick white crusty bread with loads of ....bleep.....

Still its worth it - well worth it, and I can have a little sometimes.
I love choc/crisps basically anything I'd class naughty. However give me a hot, soft bread roll with real butter and I'm in heaven!!


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not at all! i`m the same don`t miss having choc or biscuits ect at all, even with the kids easter eggs in the house, i`ve quite suprised myself! saying that i do have the odd pack of quavers, syned of course! i`ve had a curly wurly in my drawer in the kitchen for 3 weeks now, not touched it yet! x


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Of course you're not a freak! I could sometimes kill for garlic bread!
G: 12st0lb
oooooooooh thats lovely, nothing better than oven baked still warm white loaf ith cold butter spead on it, thickly and it just melts a bit, yum, can you tell why I just cant have it in the house!

I am afraid there are two things I just cant control myself with, one is the warm bread with the slidy off melty butter, the other is chocolate and I know I just cant have either of these in the house. It was such a challenge for the kids easter eggs over the weekend.

So I have the cardboard nimble as it's not so hard to stop!!

Everyone in life has a downfall, be it drink, cigarettes, drugs etc mine just happens to be bread and chocolate!

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