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am i doing anything wrong??

Iv been on cs now for 3 days and i aint showing signes of ketosis. I no it can take upto 5 days but usually by now (on lipotrim) i show signes. I dont drink juice just water (2lt) i have not eaten anything other than fish turkey steak salad and tomatoes and cheese, iv had the odd pickle. my intake of carbs a day including shakes and soups have been no more than 70g except for day 1 when it was 99g. Any suggestions?
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Hi there
I think with CS ketosis is less subtle than Lipotrim. I got ketostix and it never changed colour but I knew I was in ketosis because the taste in my mouth could only be described as having licked a thousand envelopes and I didn't feel hungry.
I wouldn't worry at this point - day three maybe a bit early, give it a couple of days....your body is just adjusting.

thanks for your reply. i will check again at the weekend :)


Bring on the trumpets
S: 15st10lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 1st4lb(8.18%)
Wow...you did really well on lipotrim. :happy096:

I think with CS you need to think differently about it...it's not TFR....it's a low carb way of eating...the shakes are there to stop you from eating crap....and to some extent calorie control :copon:....

Hope this helps

your right, im thinking way to much lipo!! its just iv been on it since august so at the mo all i no is how lipotrims works. i have a load of q's im gonna ask the chemist lady tomorrow, just hope she can try help me understand it.


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Hi Charlene...I'm on CS since Monday and think I'm in ketosis today as my mouthtastes yuck!!! This is a great forum to ask questions, everyone is really helpful as I have found out, they will ask any questions and I'm sure will know more than anyone in the chemist :D
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I'm not an expert by any means but you sound like you are doing everything right at the moment - I would just give it a bit of time :) Go by how you feel too :)
iv been feeling fine in the day its at about 4am i wake up feeling rubbish like i want to be sick and a bit head achey (well for the lastv 2 days). I dont feel hungry or anything but then again im eating every 2 hours lol. I no i only started this programme on tuesday but im getting weighed tomorrow. I will updat my tracker to what i weigh at the chemist and saturday will become my official weigh in but according to my scales this morning i had lost 7.1lb. But i will see and go off what the chemists scales say. Sometimes mine can have a mind of there own :)

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