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  1. hi my weight loss has really slowed down the last few weeks, if someone can just check my diary to see if im on the right track I would be so grateful
    so average day for me is breakfast will be one of these, porridge, one slice of toast with a slight bit of butter on or a breakfast bar like alpen etc. then lunch will be a salad or some soup with 2 slices of bread, shape yoghurt and weightwatchers crisps. dinner will usually be a weightwatchers recipe or homemade spag bol, currys, stews etc. snacks will be anything like these, alpen bar, banana, apple, shape yoghurts or a few crackers. then I walk the kids to school which is 15 mins each way that's twice a day, and so far im doing a mininum of 30 mins on my exercise bike or cross trainer every day, does all this sound ok ?? xx
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  3. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    How many calories are you having? You may not be having enough:)

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  4. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    How many calories do you usually eat in a day.your exercise is really good :)
  5. hi thankyou for ur replys :) I usually have between 1200 and 1400 I try to stick more along the 1200 line tho xx
  6. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    Your food diary sounds great! Maybe try cutting down on the alpen bars 'cause they contain a lot of sugar and carbs, just cutting these out and opting for fruit instead could help. Maybe change your bread to wholemeal on a couple days? Add in some lean protein like chicken and fish is great too. I'm no expert by all means but this is something I'm going to try to do next week and see if this helps. I think if you are eating a lot of carbohydrates its harder even though the calories are the same just because it takes your body longer to burn off carbs I think. I'm still learning :)

    But overall your diet and exercise sounds great :)
  7. thankyou so much, I will try what u have advised this week see how that goes :) its such hard work this dieting lol. best of luck with your weight loss xx
  8. systema

    systema Gold Member

    How much has it slowed down to? At the beginning the losses are more - when I did my previous cc diet some weeks I lost nothing then the next week 2lb then nothing although the calories were the same each week.
  9. its been lose a pound one week, sts the week after, lose a pound, sts the again, its just a lot different to when I did it last year I lost 2-3lb the first few weeks then average a pound a week x
  10. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

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  11. I will thankyou so much for your help, iv weighed myself today and iv lost a pound this week instead of sts so hopefully it carrys on like this, Im quite happy at a pound a week at leasts its coming off :) good luck with that lol I hadn't realised how many calories were in some alcohol until I looked at it properly! its so hard to get a balance, good luck with your weight loss :) xx
  12. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    I know this is an oldish post but I want to make sure any newbies reading this don't take the above quote as truth.

    The body does not find it more difficult to burn any kind of food more than the other in a way that makes a significant difference to your metabolism or weight loss. Besides, if the body found it more difficult to use up 200 cals chocolate vs 200 cals of protein then you'd eat the chocolate because it would use up more energy burning it off!

    A calorie = a calorie. Unless you have a medical condition that makes it not so.

    The only time you need to worry about the types of food your eating, carbs/protein/fat etc... Is when you're looking at your body composition and doing some decent work with weights.

    If your trying to lose weight, just focus on the calorie intake.
  13. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    I second this, as I was going to make the same point - a calorie is a calorie, no matter what type of food. 200 calories of broccoli would take just as long to burn off as 200 calories of chocolate. A decent combination of all food types is what's likely to work best, as it will keep you interested. No way would I give up chocolate (or cake, or anything else I like!) and I've lost 145lbs, lol. :) xx
  14. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

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  15. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

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  16. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    I'm not a nutritionist. Better yet, I'm not a dietician. But if you're going to argue this point, please use referenced, peer reviewed scientific papers.

    More than this, we're not on MFP forums now. And I'm not going to participate in the types of arguments that ensue there.

    What I can say that In my experience. A calorie = a calorie. Energy storage will only occur in a calorie surplus.

    The types of food I eat have no bearing on my weight loss. I've lost the most weight in the weeks that I've had a mcdonalds breakfast every morning. My 5 stones have been lost eating junk food and chocolate. Only looking at the calorie goal.

    Tracy's 10 stone were lost in the same way.

    I repeat. Unless you are training particularly hard or are working on body composition then the only number that matters for weight loss is the calorie goal.
  17. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    Good luck with your weight loss :)
  18. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Well said, hon - personal experience speaks volumes, it's the only thing I really pay attention to! :) xx
  19. XxKirstxX

    XxKirstxX Gold Member

    Feeling ganged up on :( I was just trying to help.

    Well you girls are doing great . I'm only here for positivity so I wish you all the best and hope that you have a happy journey
  20. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Not at all, hon, just trying to get across the fact that personal experience contradicts a lot of the pseudo-scientific rubbish that floats around on the web about weight loss. For every article like the one you linked to, there'll be another saying the opposite - the only valid thing is to find your own way. For me, that's no breakfast, loads of carbs, only drink coffee (water, yuck!), no exercise, and have my main meal at 10pm right before going to bed - I've halved my body weight doing just that, but I wouldn't presume to say everyone should do the same. It really is about finding your own way, you'd go mad if you tried to take in all the contradictory stuff that's written, lol. All the best. :) xx
  21. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    We don't mean to gang up on you. And this is a support forum and I hope that I am supportive to everyone here. But with all that said there are alot of new people on this forum who are completely flummoxed by calorie counting and what to eat. I therefore consider it necessary not to state opinion as fact - like the calorie is not a calorie argument.

    And I will always challenge where I think someone is offering advice that in my opinion is wrong.

    What I don't want is someone coming to this thread and going away with the the idea that they won't be able to lose weight unless they just eat chicken and broccoli or that they have to give up treats, like chocolate and wine, to lose the weight because it's not true. And that little statement could be the difference between someone staying on or falling off the wagon.

    I wish you the best of luck in your goals, however you achieve them.

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