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Hi, I joined LL in March this year and have completed my foundation and lost just over 3 stone. I started to cheat in the last couple of weeks, just little bits of cheese, it didnt really make much difference to my weight loss at first then I started nibbling on other protein food and didnt loose anymore weight for a couple of weeks and decided to go on RTM because I was struggling and felt I was now ready for food. Im 6lb away from my goal and thought I might be able to loose this on RTM but the first night I started it I had a real "pig out" :( I have now decided to go back and do Developers until I get to goal otherwise I may feel like I've failed. This is the closest I have every got to my goal weight on any diet so I dont really want to give up. What would anyone else do in my position? Would you go back to having 4 food packs or just loose the last 6lb on RTM? I am quite happy with my weight but wouldnt like to gain any because of all the new clothes I've bought, so the next 6lb were "Just in case pounds" Any advice??
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Hi Skinny Minnie

Well done with what you have achieved so far. i know it's hard to keep motivated once you are slim, wearing the clothes you like and poeple tell you that you are fine and not to lose any more.
In my experience and from the people I know - expecting to lose that last few pounds on RTM is not a foolproof option.
If it was me I would definitely go back onto abstinence and lose those "buffer" pounds before before starting RTM.
If you are not completely on track now it will be more difficult and tempring once yuo are starting to allow yourself to reintroduce food.
Good luck whatever you decide.


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I would suggest sticking it out for the last 6lbs! I mean why fret over such a small amount when you have done so fantastically well! We're all proud of you here on MiniMins, and you should be so proud of yourself as well.
I doubt you will lose any weight on RTM: it's actually quite individual. Some people DO lose lots, some people like me never lost anything at all.
However, psychologically speaking: you need to 'finish' and reach 'target'. I know from personal experience I was in exactly the same position you were in: I finished 7lbs off my original target, and went into RTM because I just couldn't "cope"... at the end of the day: it's all mental. What's another 3-4 weeks of abstinence after 3 months? Nothing. In the grand scheme of things: because I finished early, I felt I failed, and in essence started not watching what I ate, what I did, and never developed the respect for myself that I now do have. I went back to LL 2 months later, lost the stone and I half I had re-gained, reached target and went below it. Now I have so much more will power and determination to keep myself where I am. I respect myself enough to try to make the right decisions.

I urge you to have a deep think about it. Psychologically speaking I would suggest really buckling down and push yourself just that little bit further. The food won't run away from you: it will still be there at the end. Why does it matter whether you have it now, or a little bit later? Plus, when we feel we didn't achieve what we wanted to achieve, we're SO much more likely to sabotage ourselves in the long run.

Sending hugs, and hoping you make the right decision for yourself. Remember: You are doing this for YOU. Don't let yourself down!
Wow!! Thanks you so much for both your supportive answers. They were just what I needed to hear. I have so many issues in my head regarding weight loss and dieting, after 20 years (I started in my teens!) of yo-yo dieting, each time I gained more and more. Im a real serial dieter and a very "all or nothing" person so I really do need to loose those last few lbs! I cant seem to stop nibbling at cheese at the moment though, maybe because it didnt make much difference to my weight loss before. I must try to stop.

Once again thank you so much for your support xxxxxx


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One of the chaps in my LL group has been in maintenance for several months and has just gone back on to LighterLife Lite - he says this is because he never acheived his target weight before going on RTM - so I think it probably is a good idea to lose all the weight you want to before going onto RTM - that is what I'm hoping to do. I started in March and hope to get down to my taget by the end of July....


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