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Am i doing this right?

Am I doing this right?

breakfast = banana/ apple or orange

lunch= tuna pasta & peppers low fat mayo (2 spoons) mixed salad

dinner= jacket potato and beans (sprinkle of low fat cheese)

snacks= muller light yogurt

3 glasses of water
1/2 pint skimmed milk in tea and coffee

Is this ok ? What sins have i used? Im not actually going to meetings as i cannot be weighed (wheelchair) cannot stand unaided. So im trying to go it alone from reading peoples stories and remembering what i used to do (10 yrs ago) arghhhh!!

Cheers all Rachy x
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Cute, but psycho!
Hiya Rach (same name as me...!)

OK, first things first....how big were the spoonful of low fat mayo, and were the level?
Also, how much cheese did you 'sprinkle'? lol

I'm afraid all these things have to be weighed, measured and accounted for.
Everything else, though, appears to be ok - although it doesn't sound like you've eaten a lot of food...

Also, which day are you doing, is it an Extra easy day?


Cute, but psycho!
Also.....let's look at today's menu...

breakfast = banana/ apple or orange ***FREE***

lunch= tuna pasta & peppers ***FREE on Extra Easy*** low fat mayo (2 spoons) *** Could be as much as 6 syns, depends on the spoonfuls*** mixed salad ***FREE**

dinner= jacket potato and beans *** FREE on Extra easy*** (sprinkle of low fat cheese) **need to know how much as would need to be syns as you appear to be doing extra easy**

snacks= muller light yogurt ** free **

3 glasses of water *** free ***
1/2 pint skimmed milk in tea and coffee *** healthy extra A choice**

So...you're missing a healthy extra B choice for the day, I'd say....


Cute, but psycho!
What size spoons of mayo? I'm guessing table spoons?

If it's *extra* low fat that would be about 1.5 syns for two spoons. I think low fat is more like 4 but I might not be 100% there.
The cheese would still be a few syns, even if it's only a teeny amount, but it doesn't look as though you've had enough syns today to worry about it x
hey - good luck with it, ive not attempted extra easy as im finding red days work for me. Are you monitoring your progress a diff way as you're ot getting weighed at class, i.e are you weighin at home or measuring yourself or just feeling your clothes losen up xxx
Feeling my clothes losen but what a fab idea ill measure myself to see how well im doing thanks:p:D I get weighed in a few weeks at the hospital (routine) on chair so should *hope* to see a big loss:)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I'm a great fan of the tape measure! It often shows more progress than the scales. If you go on the SW website it has plans for you to download. But look at peoples diaries (top of this board)

Just pernikity but I'd have something extra at breakfast than fruit. You could add fat free yog or some protein.
yeah measuring is fab, sometimes it shows you lose inches when not pounds - good luck x

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