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Extra Easy Am i doing this right ?

Hey guys and girls,

I feel like I’m struggling. Maybe my portion size is too much, maybe Slimming world just isn’t for me but today I made the mistake of doing an “unofficial” weigh in and im nearly 2lbs more than i was on Tuesday at my official weigh in i have been drinking a lot more water though.
Heres what i have eaten the last few days, am i doing this right? Most days my heA is always milk for coffee.

B – Apple + Banana, fat free natural Yoghurt
L – Large Mixed salad with 2 boiled eggs (was yummy love semi runny yolks with salad)
D - Chicken breast, pan fried (no oil) (coated in knorr stock cube + extra virgin olive oil heb + SYN) + new potatoes, marrowfat peas. carrots
Snacks – 2 apples, sugar free jelly
SYN count – 6 – extra virgin olive oil 2TBSP (1 heb) total used to serve 4 people,
1 – double helping of sugar free Jelly – Total Syns for the day 7

B – 2 lean rasher of bacon (cooked on the foreman) toast heB, (2 tsp i cant believe its not butter SYN) + Banana
L – Grilled chicken (again on the George forman) large salad reducded cal mayo 1 tbsp (SYN)
D – Quorn Spagbol – peppers, onions Mushrooms etc,
Snacks – 2 apples,
SYN COUNT – 3 – i cant believe its not butter – 2.5 reduced calorie mayo total 5.5

B – 2 apples and banana
L – quorn bolognese "pizza" 1 slice of wholemeal bread toasted heB + 28 grams of cheddar heA served with a salad
D - Tuna Pasta, Sweetcorn, peppers, cucmber onions with lots of green salad

Snacks Banana and 2 oranges
Syns 6 (maybe less or a little more) dashes of milk for coffee
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Step away from the scales because they say today is absolutely meaningless. You coul weigh yourself tomorrow and be 7lb lighter just because that is what your body does. So first thing to do is forget what the scales said. Second thing to do is to throw them in the bin!

Look at your food diary, if anything I would say that you are maybe not eating enough. On Wednesday you basically only had fruit and veg all day until dinner. Make sure you get a decent breakfast every day and your lunches can seem on the small side as well. You have a fair amount of weight to lose and your body needs more calories each day just to perform normal functions than a slimmer person. If you take in too few calories your losses could slow down or even plateau. Have you been hungry?

But other than that it's looking good with lots of superfree and you could even up your syns (try aiming for around 10 a day).

Good luck!
Hi Circes, thanks so much for your reply. I will get rid of the scales. im just nervous really about gaining weight and having a weigh in.

I do struggle to eat breakfast, physically some times it turns my stomach even thinking of eating in the morning, but i will certainly try to increase my breakfasts

I did feel hungry on Thursday before lunch. so i guess its the breakfasts that are letting me down.

Thank you so much for your help. i love these forums
Good luck, Begg....I think everything I've ever read about weighing yourself has recommended weighing yourself first thing in the morning before breakfast and at about weekly intervals :)
I really do agree with Circes on this one! They say portion control on some diets is key, but SW doesnt always work that way. I know the recipes state the amount of servings you should get, but i too have a big appetite. If its synned Ill stick to their guidance, if its syn free ill try and eat as much as I can and add my superfree/speed foods in too.

Good Luck, u will need to eat alot! Try eating you breakfast late morning if you cant stomach it too early xx
thank you all for your replies, i really do appreciate your help and support. will plan next weeks meals tomorrow and will try to increase my breakfasts. thank you all again


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Aw good luck m'dear think you are doing really well but not eating enough imho my dd lost 7 lbs her first week and ate and ate.
thanks Keke,

was so disappointed yesterday that i wasn't able to resist a Star Bar but hey i guess today is a new day and so far Ive been 100%, even managing to eat a slightly bigger breakfast and increasing my syn intake. but not looking forward to Tuesdays weigh in


when will I be slim
Hi I was gutted the 1st week I stayed the same .But every week since I have had a steady weight loss .I have started the body Magic This week .Dont Give up and Throw away the scales ...go girl you can do it .we are all behind you

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